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Annoying Orange: Annoying Pear

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-[babbling] [groaning]: Oh. -Uh, how's it goin', Orange? -Oh, you know... I'm... [groans] -Dude, you don't look too good. -[moans] Hey, hey Pear. -Yeah? What is it, Orange? -[retching] -Agh! -[groans] -Gross. -I don't feel so good, Pear. You're gonna have to take over. -Sure, no pro-- wait... what? Uhh... Hey, hey Turnip? Hey. Turnip, hey. -Hey, what's up, Pear? -Yeah, it's just that I'm glad you could, uh, "turn up." [chuckles] -What? -You know, "turnip." [chuckles] -What are you getting at, man? -Nothing, it's just a joke. You don't--turnip? -W-what are you talking about? You think I'm late? -No, it's just-- -I'm a late-blooming vegetable, all right? I'm ready when I'm ready. -Okay, okay, okay. -I'm not running on your schedule or anyone else's, you hear me? -Okay. I'm sorry. -You're bombing, Pear. -Look, I've never done this before. -Just call him something he's not. That always works for me. -All right. Hey, hey Turnip. -I'm not talkin' to you. -Good, 'cause you're just a fat radish. [chuckles] Get it? Fat radish. Ha-ha. -[crying] -Whoa-whoa-whoa, Turnip, dude. -Why are you doing this to me? -Way to go, Pear. -Geez, I didn't know he was gonna cry. -Oh, my God, what's going on here? -Pear made Turnip cry. -No, it's not like that. -[sobbing] He called me fat. -Pear! What's wrong with you? -No, this is Orange's fault. He told me to do it. -Hey, keep it down. I'm havin' a sick day over here. -Is that all you have to say for yourself, Pear? -Ehh--dude, you gotta help me get out of this. What do I say now? -Oh, I don't know. I just usually make funny noises. Everyone loves that. -All right. Hey, hey Turnip, hey. -What do you want now? -Hey, I bet you can't do this. Owrr! Owrr! Owrr! -Wha-- is that supposed to be me? 'Cause I'm fat, right? 'Cause I'm always eatin'. -No, Pear's just trying to-- you know-- cheer you up. Right, Pear? -Owrr! Owrr! -[sobbing] You're a monster! -Pear! -I'm sorry! -No-no-no, you're doing it all wrong, Pear. It's more like this. Nya-nya-nya-nya, nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya... -[chuckles] [laughter] -[retches] -Eww! -Ewww! -Ugh. I don't remember eating that. -Uh, look. Why don't we all just call it a night? Huh, guys? -Yeah, I second that. -[sniffles] Okay. -Oh... Hey! Hey, Fat Radish! -Orange! -I'm not a fat radish! -No, not you. Fat Radish. -[slurps drink] What's up with you, Orange? -Knife! -Yaahh! Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 3 minutes and 6 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: Spencer Grove
Views: 2,000
Posted by: spongesebastian on Nov 14, 2010

Orange gets sick and Pear has to take over the annoying duties.

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