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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~13:57:16 - 14:12:16

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This way is short. -Are you okay? -I am fine. -Look! -I'm sweating. -Give me a kiss. They put a microphone on my pocket and here! -How are you doing? -I'm good. -How was school today? -Good. -Are you studying well? -Yes, I have 500 Lebanese pound. -What did your teacher say? -Good girl. -Good girl! Dad, they shot me in the classroom! -The classroom? -Yes! -Is mama home? -Not yet. Finally! Who cleaned the house? Thanks! Is the bathroom clean too? You want to change your clothes? -Go and clean yourself. -Dad, I don't want anyone in here. -She's working very hard to be shot. -Dad, come please. -Shoot this picture. Okay, Daddy. Keep it with you, please. Sweety, this is for your hard work today. Wait up, come back. Have a seat and relax. -Where should I put it? -Just sit down. Hello? Come on, folks. Oh my God! Okay, yes, okay. Don't take too long to come back home, we have guests. -What did your teacher say? -Did they shoot you? -I'm fine. -Tell me, what does she say? -Good -They shot you? -Yes. -The others shot us. -During which class did they arrive? -What? -During which class did they arrive? It was math, but they didn't attend it. They attended Arabic and Islamic classes. -Arabic and which class? -Islamic class. -Did the teacher say something about them? -No. -You didn't take sport today, did you? She was shooting by herself, we have the same at school. How was your day at school? -Good, I have torn up my notebook. -Why? -Just kidding. Because... -I just tore up one page. -At school? -Yes. -Did they shoot you? -Yes. -Of course, but we were shot by others. Why didn't you shot me at school, when you were there? They will do it now; they will shoot everything here. Where is the other cameraman? Oh, okay. They don't speak Arabic. -What did you have at school? -What? -What did you have at school? -Nothing. -Did you finish your study? -They shot the students and the teacher, Faroq, in the classroom. -What did you have in the class? -Me? -Yes. -A quiz, only. -A quiz? -Yes, only a quiz. Just a small quiz, like a task. -Task? -One task. -We will play now. -Was the street crowded? -How did you cross the street? -By myself. Put your hand out. You crossed the street alone? They walked behind me. -What? -They walked behind me. Ahmad! -I want to be shot. -Don't, dear. -But I want to be shot. -Come on. -Sit down. -Look at the pictures. -What's your problem? -I want to see the pictures. He wants to see the pictures. Come here, Ahmad. -Yes. -Pictures. -Ahmad, come and sit next to me. Shoot me and Hamza, only. -Don't praise us? -Not yet. We want to be praised because we are being shot! Is there anyone who wants to be praised because they're being shot? No. -What did your friend say? -Who? -Didn't she say anything? -Which one? -The one while we were leaving. -Your friend... -Who? -The one while we were leaving, what did she say? -Oh yes. -What? She asked, "Who are these people? And why they are shooting me?" They shot me with Adel... -My face as well... -At which time did they come? -Class... -They should be there at the break time, shouldn't they? Yes, but they didn't come with me to the playground. The man took a piece and said, "Give a toy to everyone." He said "Can anyone eat it all?" the other said "Yes". He said, "If you eat it... I will buy apples for us." I ate everything he was feeding us. -Does he speaks Arabic? -No, only English. -Does he? -He speaks both, English and Arabic. It's okay, just be normal, talk... If you want... -They will not shoot her... -Daddy, if I want to play with that thing at night... -What is it? -The frame? -Frame? -The frame which my auntie gave to me! Okay. -When will be? At night? -When Carmen comes home. -No, leave her here to play with me. -She wants to draw! After a while... -Are you a good student? -Yes. -No, she is not... -Go and show her the frame. -I'm playing with it. -Bring it. I'm playing with it, Jamila. -Show it to her. -Okay. -Color it. -Now? Yes. -Can I color with you? -No. -Then what can I do, Jamila? -Color this one. -Ahmad! -Don't! -Sweety, color the small one, then start the big one, okay? -Ahmad. You have to look, which color is first? Which color is this, Ahmad? -It's pink. -Use this, look here, put it this way... -Which color is this? -Here is yellow and here is pink. Okay. No, put it right here. Yes, good. Ahmad, come here. -Ahmad -I just ordered it for her. -It's yellow here. -No, it's orange. Color the big one. They're coming. I've seen them wearing this same thing around their neck... Holding Monia, Malak and my uncle holding a camera shooting with you. Ahmad, come and sit here, dear. Dad, look, let me color the one up there, please. Look to the all pictures we have! Shoot me!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 176
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 13, 2009

Jamia with her family at home.

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