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Hello, I'm Erika. The game show will now begin. First, we'll introduce the bachelor. This is Mikoto. His hobby is racecar driving. Isn't he sexy, everyone~? He owns a company. Hey everyone, nice to meet you ♥ Let's introduce the contestants! The first contestant is Juliann. She is wearing soccer shorts. Cool, huh? Juliann loves soccer. I also play basketball, football, tennis, baseball, and skiing. And I'm good at all of them (^∇゜) Wow, that sure is amazing~! The next contestant is Carolyn! Carolyn is the granddaughter of a European queen. Her hobby is horseback riding. Hey, wait a second. I should be called LADY Carolyn, you know... S-sorry... ( ; Д ;) Moving on, next is Stephanie. Stephanie likes... Erm, what DO you like? I like reading books. Is that so? Now we'll start the real show. What's your first question, Mikoto? What kind of man do you prefer? Ok everyone, what are your answers~? One who's good at sports. A rich guy. A nice person... If you were to become an animal, what kind of animal would you be? A cheetah. A pretty swan. A turtle. Isn't that amazing~? So, what's the next question? If, all of the sudden, you heard "Won't you marry me ♥ ?" then what would you do? If you beat me at soccer, then I'd say yes~ What about you Carolyn? Of course I'd say yes!! I'd say no... Why? Because I'd want to know more about you. Next question~? What do you enjoy doing? I like winning!! Going shopping. Writing poetry... Ooh, is that right~? Next question? Who is your favorite famous person? Alright, let's hear it~! Rock Lee. Paris Hilton. William Shakespeare. And the last question is...? Have you ever bungee jumped before? Ooh, bungee jumping! Sounds like fun~ What do you guys think? Of course I've done it before! I'm pretty, so no. (。◕‿◕。) . . . No, I haven't... ( Time to choose ♥) (Mikoto:) Now I'm going to choose one of the contestants~! Um, could you all say your names again? Juliann. Lady Carolyn. Stephanie. Thanks. Now I will choose. Yup, it'd have to be you. That's great, isn't it~! What are your emotions right now? I'm shocked, but very happy~ How do you feel right now, Carolyn? Psh, well whatever. That's too bad, huh? What are your feeling right now? I was only in it for the money! Are you excited to see him~? Yeah. Good afternoon! Good afternoon. I'm looking forward to our date~! Yeah... me too. It's wonderful isn't it~ Our fateful encounter! Okay, that was the game show. Please tune in again next week ♪

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