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God Is Not Your Errand Boy - Marianne Williamson

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Let's look at how cells in the body operate you know nature Leads With Love when a sperm and an egg come together and then this miraculous process begins and all of these all of these cell division processes begin to take place and when a cell arises it emerges from this invisible field of no-thing and it actualizes and then it has through natural intelligence the guidance to collaborate with other cells and as it collaborates with other cells it then forms the brain and it forms the pancreas and it forms the heart and it forms the lungs in other words every cell is guided by natural intelligence not only to become what it is at its highest state of actualization but part of its highest state of actualization and performance is to collaborate with other cells in service of the organ and the organism of which they are part that's the natural intelligence of the universe not just that you become but that you collaborate that you become and then you collaborate and not only that you collaborate but they do collaborate to serve something bigger than yourself every once in a while for reasons that scientists to some extent understand and to some extent do not yet understand a cell goes insane a cell disconnects from its natural intelligence it is though it forgets its highest function is to collaborate and to serve the healthy functioning of the whole instead it goes off to do its own thing it said I don't want to just exist collaborate with other cells to serve the healthy functioning of the lungs I don't want to just work with other cells to serve the healthy functioning of the pancreas I want to go off and do my own thing what is that called cancer that is a malignancy in the body and it is a malignancy and consciousness and that is the malignancy that has infected human consciousness the malignity that malignancy that is infected human consciousness is the idea that there's no higher good than me doing my own thing and let me tell you something there is a higher spiritual consciousness than manifesting our own dreams Hitler manifested his own dreams the idea that somehow the spiritual mountaintop is figuring out what you want to manifest in your own dreams is not the spiritual mountaintop it's magic but there's a difference between magic and miracles magic is where you basically use God as your errand boy oh I've decided I can use metaphysical principle and I can use it to get what I want this is not freedom this has been co-opted to the max miracles is not where you use God is your errand boy and you figured out mental and metaphysical principles to get what you want that's magic magic can be white magic can be black magic can be of the light magic can be of the dark but often when magic is of the darkness it poses as of the light because darkness knows as long as you're so about yourself then everything will be okay and if you are only addressing the symptoms rather than the deeper causal issues of the darkness on the planet then darkness will be okay the higher spiritual mountaintop is a path of surrender it is a path of the miraculous it is a path not where we use spiritual metaphysical principles to get what we want but where we make ourselves available to spiritual principle to use us for what it wants. To use us for what it wants.

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