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What is the key for leaders to maintaining their personal spiritual discipline?

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels What is the key for leaders to maintaining their personal spiritual disciplines? Private spiritual disciplines... I am may not like this... There are some pastors who conduct a set of private spiritual disciplines and personal devotions. Then they move into sermon preparation mode. I bless every pastor who does it that way. I tend to read, take in, pray, absorb. When it seems appropriate, I like to infuse the disciplines alongside my sermon preparation. So I mix my spiritual practices with my sermon prep. Some of them. The solitude thing... Solitude is so important. The level of peace that I live with is in direct correlation to how I practice the discipline of solitude. If I cannot get away and slow myself down and ask myself, "Who is in charge? Who's son am I? "Who's power am I doing this in?" If I cannot stop for a moment and clear my head on these things and realize that it is not all on me. Without solitude I ramp up to levels of momentum that are destructive. And I start thinking, "It is really all about me. "I have to make this happen or it will all come crashing down." I am maniacal on my solitude discipline. Another thing that is hard for pastors to do is secret acts of service. We do all public acts of service and it is not healthy. I have developed a way that I can do secret acts of service that nobody sees, that I do only for God, that I never use as sermon illustrations. Because then it is not private acts of service. I strongly encourage you to do some secret acts of service that no one in your church will ever know about. When you do them you say, "I am doing this simply because I love God. "I am never going to mention it. "I realize I am doing this for God because I am not going to use this as a sermon illustration and I am not going to say everyone needs to do it too." Recently I mentioned one of my friend's secret acts of service. When he and his wife visited Namibia, they made sandwiches. So when they drive through the poor areas, they can distribute sandwiches to hungry children. Had I not mentioned this, he will keep doing things like this because that is who he is. That is a secret act of service. That is not in his job description as President of the Willow Creek Association. It is simply in him to do it because it is a spiritual discipline to do secret acts of service. I also fast. Thirty days before The Leadership Summit each Summer I go on a rigorous fast because I realize how important that event is. I want to be in the absolute best spiritual condition I possibly can be. I have an array of them but I do not separate my devotional time from my sermon prep time. This weekend I am speaking on Jesus, the Peacemaker. This is the first big talk I am giving on the nature of peacemaking. I read 5 books on this and the prominent scriptural passages. My heart and head have been in the peacemaking "game" that it has been soul-filling for me. I did not need to read Deuteronomy on the side to check off the devotion box because I have been growing and having soul-filling experiences through my sermon prep.

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Posted by: landsm on Apr 18, 2014

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