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Psychiatry & Politics: Labeling Political Dissidents mentally ill

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i think the use of psychiatric treatment so-called treatment as a political weapons is a very effective in controlling the masses the soviets were very expert on incarcerating their political dissidents they will either send them to concentration camps up in the arctic circle where they would be worked to death or in many cases they put them in psychiatric ward and punish them they would punish them with drugs an electric shock and that sort of thing i think the example that we see in China today is very instructive China is a good or a bad example depending on how you look at it i'd say it's a good example because it shows us how a totalitarian regime can use psychiatry as a political weapon to to discipline and torture literally and frighten people into submission what's happening here in the united states seems to be following in the same footsteps well of the path of sort even taken in china there's a something called the my ac report every secret report issued to law enforcement agencies in which they said beware anybody that's opposed to the income tax is talking about defending the constitution or supported a third party political candidate individual freedoms going down well government power and control is going up it just lay a mental rumor along that graph in your mind for the last twenty thirty forty years and projected into the future and you can see where it's going if we were to have a mandatory a mental health screening as they like to call it not only of all of the young people in school but all adults and everybody would become a terribly effective tool in the hands of totalitarians because surely you could find something in everybody's questionnaire if they answered questions honestly if you ever had feelings of anxiety are you ever happy with what the government does you put them in the context of what everything else that's happening in society the growth of government the growth of big government diminishing of personal freedoms that desire to regiment the population and eliminate opposition to the political leaders we put in that picture now takes on a very special meaning when you look at the area of psychiatry because particularly worrisome because many people are not sensitized to to the political implications of using that field if we're not willing to challenge and were already afraid it's always going to put this label around us then we've already lost there's no turning around the time is comfort for us to stand on our convictions to know what is right to take the risks and stand for freedom

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G. Edward Griffin, political lecturer & author of the critically acclaimed book about the Federal Reserve, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" discusses how psychiatry merges with politics to eliminate political dissenters. In China today, political dissidents, whistleblowers and government petitioners are being labeled mentally ill, incarcerated in psychiatric wards and subjected to electroshock—a tactic reminiscent of Soviet Russia and the alliance between psychiatry and the police state.

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