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Mother Teresa 1: on (my) Life after Death

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Mother Teresa - God, Part 1/2 Hi, this is mother teresa and..i'm speaking to you from the dimensions. the dimensions is the existence..where human beings.. 'move' through and into and experience themselves within..when they die. This existence, at this very moment, is actually right here on earth. because..all the dimensions, well all beings in the dimensions, that have crossed over. is now standing together, as one and equal.. to assist mankind, to understand, their process ..of realizing, that oneness and equality, that we in the dimensions have realized. but i'm here, to speak to you..about my experience. what i'hv realized..when i've died. My process here on earth..and who I am right now. well, here on earth..I was a deadly, I was (laugh).. a very dedicated and committed..human being. I dedicated and committed my entire 'god service'. and..I remember so often..that I gone with.. I stand by human beings' bed sides, those who were extremely and extensively ill. I sit with them and I pray, and..they asked me: why? why is this happening to me? Do I deserve this? have I sinned? why is god punishing me? and..I always used to sit there..and tell them: trust. god is doing this for a purpose. There is a reason, yet.. there were 'times' that when i've spoken those words. I wondered myself. I'd seen (sigh)..terrible..'things', happened to human beings, terrible experiences. i'd..seen their suffering, i'd seen their pain..that was so extensive.. that I could see it in their eyes..right through them, right in the center of the being, you could see that they were completely torn apart. they.. as though they didn't have anywhere else to go..that, they've given up. that they've broken, they're broken. and..I wondered, sometimes, often..why? Why does..why is this necessary? why is this suffering, this pain necessary? and..when such doubts usually fill my mind. i..sit down, I read bible and I just pray. and..I never questioned..I only trusted. because that which pulled me through during those moments.. were the faith that they would go to heaven, and finally experience that blissful peace.. and that serenity within themselves and become home again. that there wasn't something wrong with god.. but there maybe something wrong..with the people in this world. not wrong but.. that the situation..may actually be the people in this world. the focus is the people. maybe it's not god, maybe this is not god's fault, maybe it's.. our trust in god, that is allowing these to happen..that our being tested?! that our trust in god is being tested, that our dedication and ourselves into god is being tested, I walked, and..I continue to spread the word of god, and.. have god's faith, and my faith..within myself trust inside myself. and so I walked. and..that how I walked most of my life. all my life. with trust and the faith in god, the love of god within myself.. and communicating that to all human beings to as much as I possibly could because.. 'that's what kept me going'. that was my support in this world..that was my strength.. that's what, filled me that's what (sigh)..that's what held me.. and I felt like I was walking in god's hands every moment in this world, because.. you see..and you experience, become part of, and this world, see what's going on and what's being allowed and.. what's happening to human beings, and you require something. you require strength. you require something as require..something.. to just get you through this life. and you see what's happening in this world. You see what is.. sometimes possibly happening to your love other human beings and.. you don't have keep you strong.. you don't have something to support you. You don't..find that love in this world. and that's what I found in the belief and religion of god. that I kept inside this world. and that's what pulled me through, and that's what..gave me that support and that strength and that faith.. just to..wake up every morning.. just to keep on going, to keep on living..what's god's word, was my faith in god. Until I died, until I realize something..that i've missed something my entire life. that i've missed myself..and that I haven't realized.. that I am able to myself. that I have the strength, as myself.. stand alone in this world, and that I do not require a god separated from myself. That all that I had experienced in this world..was not because of the separated..'god'. A separated existence of 'a god', but all that I experienced was actually 'me', but then I believed..that it was..but then I believed that i've placed that trust in that faith.. in a god, or in an expression..separated from myself. and.. it is quite a realization, when you get to the dimensions..and you realize.. that your experience..of a belief in god, was not..true. This I will part two..of my interview. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Jerry Falwell, Taliep Peterson, AIDs CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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