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La Historia Express del Anillo Perdido

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6 people were found in different countries. Ariadne, Diego, Mei Hui, Noriko, Markus y Lucie. What do they have in common? They all woke up in a labyrinth, they have amnesia and also a tattoo that says "Trovu la ringon perditan" or "Find the lost ring" in Esperanto. What? Someone knew similar people before? Yes. Larissa from Brasil met a girl called Renata four years ago and Monica from Spain says that her great uncle met a guy under the same conditions called Jorge and that he had notes about a Codex of the Lost Ring. So, searching on the internet we found Eli Hunt, a historian who seemed to know something about the lost ring and about a Lost Sport. Ariadne met him and asked him to help us. He did and he showed us a secret website or "omphaputer". What are that green dots? Do they give us the location of the chapters of the Codex of the Lost Ring? Go get'em! Mmm.. wait... we are not the only ones after the codex... Who's this guy Theo and what does he think he's doing by sending us warnings and stealing our codex pages? Well... we recovered half of the pages anyways and we found out some crazy stuff! The amnesiacs are from parallel universes!!! We also have to save the worlds via athletic synchronization playing the Lost Sport of Olympia a.k.a The Labyrinth. And so we trained. Blindfolds...humming...running... Hey, we are not so bad at this! But we still need more information... Let's get it from Theo! After code communications and lost of duct tape we met James, a member of Theo that told us that if the six wanted to go back home, we had to make an Earth-scaled omphalos by doing city labyrinths. Ohh... and thanks to Kai for the Tracksticks! "It's not that easy"- Eli said- "Take a look at the last pages of the codex." "We have to find the lost rings. Theo has them all over the world. So, what did we do? We stole them from them and they didn't even notice! Noo!! Look, they have messages! They were instructions for the multiversal travel. Long story short...the six but one had to be in the Great Wall of China during the Olympiads Closing Ceremony and flare to synchronize with their worlds. Ariadne would have to travel from Delphi but nope... she wanted to be in Beijing and stay in this world. so Eli said he would go in her place. The Olympic Games and the giant omphalos net we tied created a massive synchronization with the other worlds so we all are safe! Yayyy!! Everything was already ready for the travel. Everyone said goodbye and flared from the Wall. Woww! They're gone! We made it! It's all over but now I have friends all over the world and I hope I can see my friends from other worlds again in 2012.

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Duration: 1 minute and 58 seconds
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Producer: MauroKing
Director: MauroKing
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Posted by: mauroking on Sep 7, 2008

La historia del anillo perdido en 2 minutos contada por mi.

The story of the Lost Ring in 2 minutes told by me.

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