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Hitler responds to the iPad

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We expect the iPad will be very popular It will probably be sold out at Best Buy's here, and here Though we may be able to find it at these other locations That's fine, I'll just order it online My Fuhrer The iPad The iPad won't support multitasking. It will only be able to run one app at a time. Anyone who wasn't planning on buying the iPad, please leave. What the fuck! Is this a joke? Fuck! Who do they think they are? What the hell is it then? They didn't give it a camera, fine. But it's on AT&T! How am I supposed to use their crappy network? They could have revolutionized the market! It could have been amazing! My Fuhrer, it can run iPhone apps. iPhone Apps? I wanted a computer! I wanted OS X! My Fuhrer, it's also an eBook reader. eBooks? If I wanted eBooks, I'd buy a Kindle. This is bullshit! It had all the potential in the world. It could have changed the market. It could have single handedly destroyed netbooks. But what do we get instead? An oversized iPod Touch! The only thing it can do that my iPhone can't is to have split screens. It can't even make phone calls! There were so many rumors! Stupid iPad! I've spent so much time whishing dreaming! That Apple would come out with the perfect tablet. Shit! It sounds like a fucking tampon! There is nothing manly about it at all! I wanted to watch videos of lolcats while laying on the couch. But no. They won't even give it flash support. They're still not giving us the full web like they promised with the iPhone. How am I supposed to play Bloons? Don't worry, you can play on my netbook. This is the first time in a long time that Apple has disappointed me so much. So sad. No one better gift it to me. I might as well wait for the HP slate now. They'll probably actually get it right. I've lost all my faith in Apple. Leave me.

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Posted by: satomi on Jan 30, 2010

Hitler has been dreaming about the day that Apple's tablet will be announced. That day has come and he is not pleased.

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