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Love is all you need?

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Wingspan Pictures Presents love is all you need? Heteros are beasts. Heterosexuality is sin. Christ can set you free! Romeo & Julio. Adam & Steve. Not Adam and Eve. God hates heteros. Heteros die, God laughs. Marriage equals... Yes, we can! * But not if you're straight. [Bebé llorando] Ashley: Some people say that they are born the way they are destined to be. Doctor: Karen, it is a beautiful, healthy baby girl. [ Chuckles ] Ashley: Some people say that it's a result of how you were raised. Vicki: We love you so much. We love you. Karen: That's it. Good Girl. You're so good. Oh, mommy's home. Ashley: The problem with that theory... that I had the best, most normal parents anyone could have asked for. Karen: How was work? Vicky: Good. Karen: She let me sleep today. She let me sleep for two hours. Show mommy how you do that. That's it, sweetheart. Ashley: Growing up I was a happy kid. Girl: Happy birthday, Ashley. Vicki: Thank you. Ashley: We were really the picture-perfect all-american family. I was 5 when I knew I wasn't like my family. But it was at my uncle's wedding... ...that I had the first sinking feeling, that I wouldn't grow up to be like them. [ Cheers and applause ] Sometimes I wonder, that if I had just ignored how that Flower Boy made me feel, I could have turned out just like them, "normal". Ashley: What do you want to play now? Girl: I don't know. Want to play house? How about Ashley and I be the mommies and..., boys, be our kids and have to do whatever we say? David: No fair. Girl: Well, that's what mommies do. Cooper: Hey, how about we be the daddies and you do whatever we say? David: Yeah. Girl: No way. Ashley: I got an idea. How about David and I play mommy and daddy? Girl: That's really weird. Ashley: No it'll be fun. Girl: That's really disgusting. What are you, some kind of breeder? Ashley: No, I'm not. Girl: [ Sighs ] Are too. Ashley: Am not. Girl: Are too! Ashley: Am not! Girl: Are too. Come on, David. We don't play with breeders. I'm telling everyone that you're a disgusting breeder. Ashley: I tried really hard just to be normal after that. [ Bell rings ] Hey, guys, you did such a great job in the suicide scene today. It made me cry. Ian: Thanks. I thought it went pretty well, too. Ashley: I wish Julio's part was for a girl. Boy: Ashley likes boys! Ashley likes boys! Ashley likes boys! Both: Ashley likes boys! Ashley likes boys! Ashley likes boys! Oh, Ashley, you're so beautiful. Kiss me. [ smooches] Boy: Ian, coming? Karen: Ashley, did you tell your mom that you got cast in the school play? Hmm? Vicki: School play? I thought we decided you were trying out for the football team. Ashley: I didn't make the team. Vicki: What? After all the coaching I've paid for? Ashley: I'm sorry, mom, I'm just not coordinated. Vicki: But you're coordinated enough to act? Isn't that for boys? Ashley: No, it's for girls, too.

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Duration: 19 minutes and 12 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: WingSpan Pictures
Director: Kim Rocco Shields
Views: 283
Posted by: gustavolaime on Jul 17, 2013

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"Teen bulling and teen suicide based on someone's sexual preference is ridiculous - and this film turns the tables on modern society. What IF the shoe was on the other foot?. " --K.Rocco Shields (Creator/Director)
WingSpan Pictures is currently seeking financing of the feature version of the film.

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