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He will marry! Baby..!! You got it! Know what? It still hurts to know that he left me but agrees to marry for money.. All it took were two valuable gifts and he doesn't care who they are.. he will marry..! Well, you cannot quit now.. And I will not! Next step is defining the date. Already?? Why waiting longer? He has agreed! What now? Are you going to reveal yourself? Are you going to reveal yourself? No. I don't want he learns that I am the bride. But, baby! That's impossible. Don't you want he signs the contract? There are papers to be prepared. Doctor Galeno.. Is there a way to have Nick blind sign a contract and add my name after? If he agrees we can do that. He will agree. After that watch and the racing horse he's sold But, how about the documents? He can authorize me to apply for his documents. But once he learns the wedding date he could go to the church and find out who the bride is. That's simple! He only will know what church is on the wedding day. He will learn that's me, only when I enter in the church. And what do you expect to get with all that? Nick caused a storm in my heart. Now I want this same storm falls on him too. All the pain I suffered, he will feel too. Or more! Your hat. Oh, thank you very much.. The wind blew on my hat I couldn't run after it because I am recovering of an accident. It's a pleasure, my name is Jaques. Mine is Piedade --Maria da Piedade. Don't you want to have a sit? I noticed you are sort of impaired.. was it serious? Yes, it was. But now I am ok, right? I saw you the other day ar this park.. Do you come here often? Yes, I do. It's a long history. I got a niece who is blind and has a boyfriend her family don't like.. so, I come with her because I want her to have a chance to be happy, poor one.... Sure.. This is a beautiful history, isn't it.. You like beautiful histories.. I see you are reading a book, uh? Oh yes, I am... I am reading, it's a book.. it is .... "Antes do Baile Verde" by Lygia Fagundes Telles our great storyteller. Actually, this is the new edition. Have you read it? No sir, I.. I.. I don't have time for reading. My life is very busy. ~♪ Who wants sorbet.. ♪~ Oh, ice cream! Sir.. Want a... would you like an ice cream? No, no.. I don't want to give you any trouble. Imagine!! an ice cream is no trouble!! Please, hold this so I can pay. O my God.. I left my money home. --Oh, leave it, I'll pay. / --No, no! I usually have change, that's nothing.. No way, let me look carefully.. --No...! / --Where is it....? I usually have change. don't mind Let me look more carefully It is not here.. Oh no.. I understand.. I pay. Thank you..! Oh my God in haven.. Here is your ice cream. I am so embarassed... I understand.. This is how my life is, too.. You dime and nickel all the time and always get in trouble . I myself am often surpeised. But it occurs that I have.... Lack of money should not embarass you. Oh.. I bet you are retired, isn't that so? And a retired's life is very hard. Let's do the following: When you get your salary, you pay me an ice cream. So, that means that you plan to return here, uh? When? I usually come here with my niece. by about this same time. But now I have to go, because we cannot stay too long. I own you an ice cream. Excuse me. Poor man! He couldn't aford ice cream.. Bianca.. what are you going to do, uh? You wil mess with Anita's life. Have I messed with someone's life? Do you preffer I tell you now, or can wait until I make a list, uh? Oh Bianca.. don't stick your nose in this case. Listen, your father will be angry!! Do you think I am afraid of angry faces? I'll do all that I can so Anita will marry! You took a little longer today, uh aunt? Oh, I lost track of time. I lost it too, but it was for a good cause, uh..? Oh, Judith.. me and your mom are friends! We like similar brands, similar mosturizers.. that's way we are always so together! Like two siameses. You be aware Cassio..! 'Cause if my mother get in any trouble

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Posted by: aangellosa on Aug 3, 2009

Capitulo 92 da novela Caras e Bocas.

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