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Mackie HDA Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker - In-Depth Review

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♪♫♪♫....................................[Music Playing] The Mackie HDA Series is the new line array series from Mackie that is based on a lot of EAW technology. Now I'm going to pass along a couple of secrets here. I've installed a lot of EAW speakers over the years. I've done it in arenas, large churches, all around the country. And EAW has some incredible technology that they've been able to bring down into the Mackie Brand at a great price point. One of the first technology items is what Mackie now calls "HD Processing." It's what was called "EAW Processing" in the EAW brand. It's a special kind of processing to remove relfections that you get inherent in horn type speakers. The first time I heard it, it was like somebody took a curtain off of the sound. It became studio monitor quality. Well that technology, which was very expensive a few years ago, has been brought down into the HDA Line of Speakers from Mackie. The other thing that you get from the HDA Series from Mackie is incredible rigging quality. You can take a look at the side of the box here and you can see the rigging quality. This is straight out of the EAW design. Where you've got a nice metal bar coming through here. Metal channel, pins, very solid. So the engineering, the box, and the rigging is straight from EAW, but brought in at a Mackie price point. The HDA Line Array is a 12-inch, 2-way line array, 110 degrees horizontal with 20 degrees vertical. You can stack up to 4 boxes. So you can get a total of 80 degrees vertical, with 110 degrees horizontal. So, what happens when you stack multiple boxes, is that the low frequencies starts to build up. High frequencies have more directivity than the low frequencies. So you have an array mode switch. And, if you have 1 to 2 boxes, you put it right in this position here, 3 to 4 boxes, away you go right here, And then if you're in a super long-throw mode, then you have a third position right here. As in most of these compact line arrays, you can loop in and loop out. You can see an XLR in and an XLR out. You simply go from one box to another. You can see right down here in the second box, go from this box right to here. Power is by PowerCon. Neutrik PowerCon, and again you loop from box to box to box, and you can go ahead and run all 4 boxes off of one 15 amp or 20 amp circuit. Going along with that is the HDA, 1801 subwoofer. Again, EAW quality rigging. In fact, you can see a M-10 rig point right on the back here. Same thing on the other modules.The M10 rig point is an industry standard. It's been used for years. It is an extremely safe method of rigging. And, with the subwoofer you've got your ins and outs. And you can go ahead and loop and the processing...You've got the selection of polarity invert. And away you go. So, it's a complete package. In fact you can see the quality of the build right here in terms of the birch plywood that they're using. So, incredible quality incredible processing. High power in a package that is an EAW quality package at a Mackie price point. With any speaker system for permanent installation, we always recommend that you do have engineering work done. You don't want to just hang one of these up without having some idea of how it's going to perform in your space. With every speaker system at CCI Solutions, we offer free design assistance. So call your design consultant at CCI Solutions today. We'll help you with how this Mackie HDA System can fit into your space. Make sure you have the right number of boxes, and the right coverage in the right locations. ♪♫♪♫...................................[Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 1, 2012

Mackie HDA loudspeakers are great speakers for rigging. They also include new technological advances that were once only available in much more expensive loudspeakers. Join CCI Solutions CEO and chief engineer Ron Simonson as he reviews these impressive sounding Mqackie speakers.

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