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Sex Drags & Rock 'n' Roll - Part 1

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When I went into Auschwitz, it made me think how could people get to that level. and commit those crimes. Now I've seen how things are over in Poland, I've realised that there's no need to be shy, I can be proud of who I am, I'd like with some help to be able to go round the schools in Liverpool and help to educate people about a young LGBT person's views. I want to get involved and see if I can do anything to help the LGBT community helping people who aren't as confident in their sexuality as I am, that is what the trip has done for me anyway. Poland was a shock, a very big shock. we've all come back since then and decided we wanted to make a difference. that trip gave me the momentum to change, and to change other people's views about us. Over the year we've talked about hate, and now its time to talk about love! we've created the 'BIG GAY PARTY' and given ourselves seven days to change the world Sex, Drags and Rock 'n' Roll Unfortunately we can't actually do that, but it's a suggestion i'm just throwing it out there everything we feel we're not being treated equally on, we're doing to challenge and see if we can change something, individually we can't change things. but collectively we could make a difference in some capacity. The first thing we have planned, is to recruit more people to the 'Big Gay Party' We're not an actual political party, but if we were... let's see how many people we could get to join! We are like a political party, we promote equal rights we're anti-discrimination and anti-hate crime, so lets see how many people we can get in. and enlist as many people as possible, and see how many people we can get along side us to help us make a difference. Guys.. I'm the target now aren't I, lets be honest! Shall we put a poster up about stop discrimination Do you want to know what it's about first? there's some information on the back of this leaflet we're hoping to become a political party, hoping to eradicate homophobia, and promote equality. you can sign up here The big gay party represents equality and freedom and the opportunity to embrace culture and identity and difference. Support the big gay party, a political movement which demands to eliminate homophobia and hate crime. and introduce equality for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, social class or disability in order to make a difference you have to try. its been very productive, we have got lots of names and emails, we've recruited our army! Have you been surprised at people's response? Yeah, we have. We haven't had anyone being aggressive we had a few people looking over rudely, but that was it really. some people have given us back our sheets, because they didn't want to be associated it with it. but they haven't actually said anything to us, really homophobic, so that's about it really. Has anyone been positive? One person in particular, was really good and stood talking to us for like 20 minutes. and he gave us his email address and he would like to keep in touch with us. so we can keep him updated with how we're getting on. what's next? I think next for the big gay party is some hetrophobic graffiti, i'm excited! Today we're going to do hetrophobic grafitti Because homophobic grafitti is so pointless, like emily said before if we do hetrophobic grafitti we'll be giving out the same message that it is pointless. because, if we write 'Die Straights' people will think that is ridiculous and the point we want to get across is that its ridiculous to write 'Die Fags' because you do know if you write 'Die Fags' we're not actually going to die! Knobs!! I don't actually know any hetrophobic grafitti or slurs? There aren't any that's why! Apart from breeders.. that's my favourite word. Let's make some hetrophobic grafitti! Let's do it!! If we're going to do hetrophobic grafitti.. Does anyone know any hetrophobic words?? The BNP discriminate against women, disabled and everyone who doesn't fit into their category of "normal". Which is basically the holocaust all over again, if we look at what Hitler said. he had this idea of the superior race, and is Nick Griffin not just another Hitler basically? He is in my opinion, and the way I see it is if we can challenge it then why not? There's no way as a group I think we can stop it, but we can make other people more aware of it. and collectively as one big group, maybe something can be done. Once we educate and inform people of the realistics of it all, that will really help. If you look back in history, black people were discriminated against by everybody. And then somebody stepped forward and was counted for.. and the education programme went in.. so that you couldn't discriminate against black people, and eventually now racism is being stamped out. Hi, I just rang up the enquiries department, I'm doing a college project at the moment I was just asking different questions about different political parties I rang up most of them.. I was just wondering. Why should I join the BNP? As I said to you five minutes ago, I will send you an information pack Pardon? I told you before that I will send you and information pack, that is all I can offer you or you can go on the website. So what you're telling me is I can't ring up the enquiries department about general enquiries? I have your phone number, the last three digits are 576 I'll get someone to call you when they're free I have been doing some research into the BNP Obviously it comes up with a lot of links between Nick Griffin and David Duke. Beside Mr Griffin sat David Duke, Mr Duke is a former leader of the Klu Klux Klan, an organisation with a violent history of lynchings and murders of blacks. I can't comment on that to be quite honest. Hypothetically if you were linked with David Duke, what would your views on equality be? Why not try? Never say never.. My Grandma told me there's no such word as can't! When I used to say I can't eat my broccoli, but I physically couldn't eat my broccoli! So when it's about broccoli there is such a word, but anything else we should try. lets reach the sky! We're off to London, to go and speak to the Government's equality unit.. to see if we can take project triangle nationwide. Then we're off to Diva, to speak to Jane Czyzselska to try and get Homotopia and Project Triangle more advertising! So that's where we're off today! My name is Jane Czyzselska I'm the editor of Diva magazine.. it's Europe's leading magazine for gay and bi-sexual women We are a monthly publication and we try and reflect lesbian and bi-sexual women's lives.. and produce something that is entertaining, informative, inspirational and something which is representative of all of our readers.. which is a very broad range of people, going from around 16 to maybe 60+ What you guys our doing with your project is really important.. it's really inspiring as well, I think if you could get people in cities throughout the country to do the same thing it would make a huge difference.. It would kind of be like a political mexican wave, wouldn't it? It could really change the culture, instead of being passive victims of homophobia.. actually saying this isn't enough it's not about being tolerated.. it's about going out there and demanding that we are treated in the right way and other people who are less fortunate and don't actually have the confidence or a voice.. they can actually feel like they belong to a wider community of people and they have just as much of a right to be who they are, gay, straight, bi-sexual, questioning or transgender So I really really wish you good luck with all the stuff that you're doing, I think its an amazing project and Diva will definitely be covering it. Its made us think that we are actually getting somewhere.. to actually have a column or a page in diva magazine, is really good, because obviously it's going to be publicised right across Britain. I'm Stephen Twigg, I'm the labour MP for West Derby here in Liverpool, I was elected in May. My job is to represent people in the area, here in West Derby. Previously I was in the government as a minister for schools I did some work in that time on bullying, and supporting the work of groups tackling all forms of bullying.. this includes homophobic and transphobic bullying. I'm delighted to hear about the work, that is going on around homotopia.. and also project triangle in particular.. which I think is a fantastic opportunity for us to make the connections, between what happened in the Holocaust and modern day prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. And in particular to give a voice to young LGBT people here in merseyside but also in other parts of the country so we can break down the barriers which divide people in our communities. Today, we are in Liverpool for the first pride.. and we are representing the 'Big Gay Party' and Homotopia. We're also doing the big gay kiss today.. basically we're going to ask lots of gay people to lick each other's tonsils. we're going to take pictures showing what people interpret a kiss to be, and get them to take interesting pictures with nice backgrounds. Not your average everyday kiss. At the moment we're outside St George's Hall, about to start the parade, I'm excited! What are the pictures being used for? They're going to projected onto the side of buildings, aren't they? They're going to be shown at FACT and Unity Theatre, and in Parr Street Lots of people kissing all over Liverpool, putting homosexuality in your face, rather than hide it. We're going to be showing a lot of love today. And a lot of nudity... Lesbians! Oh this is not nice.

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What would you do if you had 7 days to change the world?

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