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6-did you or your family actually find the wealth and opportunity that you originally came here for

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Sure, my entire family, whether it was my brothers or my sisters, my aunts or my uncles, they all... Some of them, perhaps one of my uncles or aunts, might have been successful, but I don't think I achieved that level of success. I say this because... I came here when I was 22. In Korea, after finishing high school, I didn't go to college in Korea and instead joined the army, and then I came to the U.S. My English was mediocre, I didn't have a great education, I didn't have that much money. Therefore I had few job opportunities. Not much. Also, other people such as my uncle had done construction for a long time and had experience and a good job. So if he made $25 an hour, I only made $5 an hour. I could only make minimum wage. I couldn't make that much. Also... Both my sister and my brother, they settled for small jobs and worked for 10 or 12 hours a day. We all think that we didn't get the opportunity we came here for. Even though some people, such as my sister, did get that opportunity, not all of us were able to However, even if not all of us made it, we all worked hard and because we worked so hard we were able to make a decent living for ourselves. Sure I wasn't able to get everything, like I wasn't able to buy a really big house or a really nice car, but... Even though I wasn't able to get everything... 60%? I think I was able to accomplish 60% of what I wanted. Other people were able to accomplish 80% or 85%, but I was able to do 60%. I think I was at least able to get that much.

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Posted by: paturack on May 4, 2015

6-did you or your family actually find the wealth and opportunity that you originally came here for

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