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Gentelmeny Udachi

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So, you and your assistants need to free this room from the radiators. Use the other side for convenience. There is a door there too. Stack them under the staircase and I'll pay you 20 rubles. Good? Good. I just have one request: we will be working at night; Please put your 20 rubles, well... Well, perhaps, inside this nightstand, and put a lock on the door. Once we will clear the room, this door would open, we will come in, and get our pay. Just keep in mind, dear colleague, the lock will be sturdy. Check! Play the knight. Play the knight, you idiot! Get lost! Mate. Sorry. Thank you for your attention! That's it. No, that is not it. Razor for the jacket and pants. Only the jacket! How about this one. Like this. And like this. Play the knight. Get lost. Play the knight or rot in jail! How about this one! Are you sure? Well, sure, sure. Mate! Give me back the jacket! What are you doing? Who are you beating? Ears! Ears, ears! Gentlemen, gentlemen! Are you crazy? Stop! Undress immediately and return the clothes! See this? Take that! Undress! What a shame... What a shame, sir! On your feet! So: if we don't want to get behind the bars again, if we want to reach the helmet, we must end all the squabbles today. Don't gamble, don't drink, don't steal - without me. Quit using slang and nicknames! Refer to each other only by your real names, even when we are alone. What is your name? Gavrila Petrovich. Yours? Fedya. And yours? Ali-baba. Didn't I say: no nicknames! It's my last name. My first name is Vasily Ali-babaevich, Vasya. Good. A camel's name! Call me Evgeny... Aleksandr Sanych, understood? I am asking, understood? Understood! Sit down! We'll be cleaning out the register after dark. Him too? Everyone. The jerk will screw up the hold up at the first sign of trouble. Come here Fedya, sit down. Take a sheet of paper, write: "Jerk"... Add a dash... "A bad person". "Screwing up" - means "to betray", "to fail". Add an "i". "Trouble", dash "danger". "Hold up", dash "Rob-ber-ry". Got it? Yes. And now, Fedya, tell Vasya everything you told him earlier in an ordinary civilian language. This bad person will betray us at the first sign of danger. 71-st. 46-th. What? 32-nd. Slacking off, you schmuck! Aleksandr Sanych! Gavrila Petrovich curses. Quit talking. Quiet. This Vasily Ali-babaevich, this bad person, dropped a radiator on my foot, scumbag. Here! "Man and wine" Maybe they killed him? Nikolay Georgievich, at 8:30am he left the hotel and set up his crew at the city stadium, at 9:00am he purchased 4 training outfits at the mall. at 9:20am an employee spoke to him, and right this moment they are headed to us, very slowly. Evgeny Ivanovich! I thought you perished, my dear. (Yawn). I feel like sleeping. Should I nap a little, Gavrila Petrovich? No. We are stranded here anyways, in front of everyone, like 3 poplars at plyushchikha. Imagine if you will lay here like a dog. Why are you spitting, Vasya? I'm a lousy jackal, I stole children's money - robbed a kindergarten. Such a polite man. Ha? And when you mixed gas with donkey urine at your pump, you haven't been so lousy. Gas is one thing, and kids is another. Where are you going? Prison. Wait! Why are you stopping him? Let him go. He already had 1 year, 3 for escape, and 5 for the kindergarten. Go, Vasya, go. Read. Here, please sign. Money for four of you: food, rent, and clothing. Here. This is for you. Thank you. Why for four? Do I have to drag around this Vasily Ali-babaevich with me? You will have to. If we arrest him now, the other two will get suspicious. What is this? Your address in Moscow will be: Konnyi Pereulok, 8. And the apartment number? Choose any apartment, the house is condemned, all the tenants moved out. But there is no heating there! No heating and no electricity. See, would it be better for them to move in to my cottage? I have a cottage near Moscow. Thank you. Though I will feel more comfortable on a neutral territory. Oh, tell me, is it true that there is a 3-year penalty for a prison break? True. In this case, I demand that my guys would be excluded from this. That's understood.

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Posted by: vladyslavalexander on Apr 18, 2011

Gentelmeny Udachi - Segment 4

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