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Prayer Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Prayer Recently I have been drawn more and more just towards prayer. Prayer is a way of turning your attention towards the light of the soul. Later of course you come to realize that it is a form of communication that becomes communion. Communication because you cry out to God or your Higher Self and you get a response. You ask and your prayers are sometimes answered, and it is a very living relationship. And then there is the whole mystery of who is actually praying to who. If there is oneness, which is the essential mystical understanding, who is praying to who? And that is where you really begin to step out of the isolation of your own self into this deeper mystery in which esentially you are the voice of God calling to God, and your prayer is God´s prayer. The light of the human need looks towards this light of the soul, the divine light within you. That is this mystery of light raising towards light. It is an act of humility. I need you. I can´t do this on my own. And that is the first step in prayer. Much later you are in prayer all the time. But at the beginning there is a way to make that known to yourself, to live it consciously until it becomes just a way to be. What is most important for the mystic is that this prayer takes place within the heart, and mystical prayer is really the prayer of the heart. And this of course has to do with the esoteric mystery of the heart, this spiritual organ of the divine consciousness. If you want to learn how to pray, you pray with feeling, you pray in the heart. So you begin by going into the heart, by feeling your need.

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Posted by: oneness on Jun 28, 2012

Prayer is a way to be with the divine -- from the prayer born from need, where we use words to express our needs, to the deeper prayer that takes us beyond any words into the oneness and silence within the heart. Prayer is a vital contribution to the need of the present time, to our global divisions and ecological crisis. This video is about the simplicity of the "Prayer of the Heart".

The accompanying article "Prayer for the Earth" can be viewed here:

Audio excerpt taken from "Prayer": talks given by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, June 2011 at the Omega Institute. To listen to complete talks please visit:

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