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2.45 Highlights of 2008 (learn English with pie)

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♫ podcastsinenglish theme music ♪ Well, today is the last day of January 2009 and so I’ve had plenty of time to think about what’ve been the highlights for me of 2008 and I think the number one highlight has been a trip that we did to Spain, in May. Now, a lot of British people er… go on a holiday to Spain I’d never been. So, it was a first for me and I loved it. We spent most of our time in Andalucia in the south of Spain travelling around, to the cities: Granada, Cadiz erm… and that was just absolutely fantastic. Food was brilliant, loved the tapas, that’s got to be a big highlight. Another highlight for me is a trip I took back to the Isle of Man. Now I’ve lived most of my adult life abroad but I always go back to the UK for summer. And this particular summer wasn’t the best weather-wise, but when I went back to the Isle of Man, I had a fantastic day, the weather was gorgeous, I went and played golf with some of my closest friends and it was just perfect. The flowers were out, it was warm, it was sunny, and then afterwards we had a party and I met some old friends of mine from school whom I haven't seen for years. And of course, in the summer, in the UK, if the weather’s nice, it’s sunny for a long, long time and the sun didn’t go down until about 10, 10.30 at night and we had some drinks, talked about some old times, great day, fantastic day. And I think another highlight um… we’ve been in Jordan for the last year and a half, and loved it, love living in Jordan. Er… not a specific day but between March and November I think almost every weekend we’ve had a barbeque on our patio and again it's been glorious, sunny weather, not too hot, and those er… barbeques were a real highlight for me of last year. And I think maybe, half a highlight, we… we’ve been on lots of trips in Jordan and one trip, I particularly remember is a walk we did in the Dana Nature Reserve down a very steep gorge we went there all day long, tough walk, but another highlight of my year. So those are my highlights of the year. What about you? What have you done in 2008? We’d love to hear from you. ♫ podcastsinenglish theme music ♪

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Duration: 2 minutes and 54 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Jordan
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Posted by: podcastsinenglish on Feb 9, 2009

Richard talks about the best bits of 2008 for him.

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