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8-30-09 Captioned Children's Message, Zion, Torrance, CA

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Pastor Dave greets the children quietly: Good Morning, Everybody. Good Morning, Pastor. Thank you, Leah! Good to have everybody here. How's everybody doing today? Fine. Everybody's kinda quiet today. I'll bet at your houses it's gonna be a wonderful afternoon. Right? Moms and Dads are gonna be happy because everything's quiet, no one's gonna be running around screaming, hollering. Right? It's gonna be a good one! So ... in The Purple Bag for this morning, there is something that's gonna help us understand one of the words that we're gonna be talking about today. And the word is: nourishment. Big word. Anybody want to look in The Purple Bag and see what we have for us this morning? Let's let Leah. Leah reaches into The Purple Bag and pulls out a book saying: It's a cookbook. Pastor repeats: It's a cookbook, asking: What's the name of the cookbook, Leah? The "What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook?" Someone has gone through and found out what the Biblical foods were at the time of Jesus and put them together for modern appetites. Wanna try something? Hmm ... How 'bout Wild Rice Soup. Maybe. Not in the soup, huh? How 'bout Lemon Sage Red Snappers? With raisins and pine nuts. Kinda over-the-top, huh? Pine nuts did ya in? So you know what nourishment is? Nourishment is what we eat. That's why we have a cookbook in here. Because the things that we take into our bodies, the food that we take into our bodies helps us be active, helps us play sports, helps us be able to read and think and do all kinds of things. That's what the word nourishment means. And if we're going to have good nourishment ... I'll bet that you guys know what good nourishment is. What are some good things to eat to help you stay healthy? Can you think of something good to eat? Anyone got something good? Brandon? Cereal? Yes. That's good. Right? Cereal's good to eat. It's a grain, and grains help us. How 'bout cake? Nooo ... cake. That probably wouldn't be a good thing. Right? How 'bout just a big bowl of sugar instead of a big bowl of cereal? Ohhh... That would not be good either, would it? But then you guys would be talking this afternoon ... yeah ... big bowl of sugar, you guys would be runnin' around the house screaming and saying "Woo-hoo". But that's not a good thing but today we're talking about how Jesus says that we should be nourished spiritually so we wanna take in things that help us with our spiritual life. And that we do with God's Word. We study God's Word. We hear God's Word. We take it in and it helps us in our life. Just like healthy things like fruits and vegetables help us stay healthy, the Bible helps us remain focused on the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life. So does everybody understand what nourishment is? Eating good. Right? Broccoli. Yeah! Very good. Broccoli is a nourishing food. Eggplants are good, too. But, we have to, see like ... we study ... the Psalms are good for us. Proverbs is good for us. Matthew and Mark, Luke and John. They're good for us spiritually. So now that you know how to eat healthy, we remind ourselves to study God's Word so we can be spiritually healthy. Okay? Okay. Nod. Okay. You guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our hymn-of-the-day, Hymn 454.

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Posted by: hischild on Sep 2, 2009

Pastor Dave shares how good nourishment both for our bodies AND our souls is vital for us to be, and remain healthy.

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