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My wisdom teeth video

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It's moving all over the place yeah. I really want my milkshake. can it be strawberry? *laughs* I can see myself in the mirror! *more laughter* I can see myself in the mirror. I look Muslim. it is *more random laughter* it's inside my mouth I look muslim and the ice pack isn't even in the right spot! Well, now it is cause I fixed it. Why did they put this on me? *weird noise* did you look at me? did you look at me? noooouuhhh did you look at me?!?! I, I look ridiculous! *lost in thought* No! I want my milkshake ok yes Dad doesn't like the Shamrock milkshake's nasty I don't know...ask Dad I can take these out before I eat my milk shake right? why?! I can eat it by myself I can lift a spoon just fine look at me what?! ow He started puttin' the IV in and it made me laugh I started smiling and then he said, "Oh you like my jokes?" I didn't even know he told a joke I know. And he said Dr. Ivey is putting in your IV Why are you crying? why, why did you cry earlier? why? I know why are you crying? Is it tears of joy? tears of joy oh, that stinks I'm sorry for you noo yes you did I'm fine! I'm bittin' em uh-oh! this is bigger my lip it is bigger Is it bleeding?! right here It's not bleeding? oh...thank goodness! we get it free? Oh, yeah. That's nice This is really dry! Look how big it is. Is it really big? My tongue is actually this big. don't laugh at me look how big my tongue is it's really big really?? ohh I'm sure it would be because I just have surgery on it surgereyyyyy! well noo...right next to it what?! *lost* They gave me a blanket. and it didn't cover my ankles I tried to get it to cover my ankles, but I was afraid to ask her I didn't want her to have to do extra work. *laughs* Don't turn around, I know what you're doing! *lost again* * random laugh* I am biting on it. I'm pretty sure I'm biting on my tongue cause it grew two inches two inches! I cannot wait to get this gauze out WHAT?! Did they give you some? We don't have any at home It doesn't even hurt. Well.... Ohh.. I'm supposed to take a pain pill. Ohhh I thought we'd take it there OHHHH, and that's why they give me a free shake? alright that makes sense Are you seeing me in there?? awesome Oh my gosh, don't let her look at me! I'm taking the gauze out, right? and then do I put it back in? Do you have it on you? Woah I can't turn my head like that. Is that enough? To get me through? It looks like hand sanitizer! *thinking?* You're gonna run over her! Can we take this off yet? * Looks at milkshake* Oh yes. OWW! I really need to drink something right now. I can take these out now? It's coming...there it is! Oh yeah, if I suck through a straw, it's gonna break it right? Oh, they gave me whipped cream?!?! *laughs* that's nice! No! I look ridiculous right now! Okay, can I take these out now? Now I can take it out? UH-OH I'm still bleeding? UH-OH It's okay?? UH-OH....I can't see my teeth. There's a spot on it! What is it? No, it's white Is it okay? Oh, yeah. Can I have whipped cream? What if it comes...It's gonna come out of my mouth. I'm gonna spill it out of my mouth cause I can't even.... I don't even... Well, here we go! Uh-oh It's not... I don't even know where it went?! Oh! Here it is. This is weird I can't eat this milkshake Imma choke! *not on earth* This is pretty fancy tho! yeah, is he a Christian? Cause, when, before I fell asleep.....great now I have a lisp. Before I fell asleep, he asked me if we like minister to the prisoners and if we try to change them around as much as possible Uh-oh! *weird noise* This is gonna take a long time. Where we going now? I need to put it in the scoop cause I won't be able to swallow it. McDonald's really isn't as good as other places Uh-OH! Why'd you let me do that! It's... It's gonna get on my thing! I can't control my mouth Just like the verse in the Bible that talks about controlling the tongue there we go I kinda hurt I know. I can't do anything uh-oh It's sucking?! What will happen? WHAT!? I'm Having pain over here now *in deep thought* ok the lady the lady that..umm the lady that helped us in the beginning *distracted* Sorry I can't get my words out No I'm not sucking no there's something in my... dang it! the lady that helped us in the beginning wants to be a nurse, but she got a job there Oh, it's not that bad...I can go to the wedding. Does it look that bad? I already have big cheeks anyway I just look like I'm from Isreal or something but the lady that was at the beginning..umm she said she wanted to be a nurse, but Dr. Ivey trained her and... she didn't go to school Ummm, I don't want to go to school I just want to be trained and she says she could work her way up I wish everyone could do that cause schools stupid

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Posted by: daskolas3 on Jul 20, 2017

Hilariously embarrassing

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