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Desmond Hotel Meeting Branding Video

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[Music] we love to welcome our guests to the Desmond Malvern a Doubletree by Hilton and we know they're gonna get the same great service they've always received the conversion was great because we've kept our Desmond name our family operating and ownership that the community knows and has loved through food and beverage and service and we kind of have like the best of everything because we have the same Desmond staff same operating team and now we add that Hilton honors and that Doubletree cookie involved in it as well we have such a great diversity of space we have indoor space in a ballroom we have wonderful outdoor spaces for break outs for events for culinary team buildings. probably the best way to describe a culinary team building is you know forget the first word culinary focus on the last two first there cooking anything from a simple buffet or pot of chili all the way up to okay a three-course know for those things it could be a small meeting or a huddle for two four or six people or could be a large training for up to a hundred people in our amphitheater we can do other meetings of 30 to 40 to 50 we have rooms with natural light we have rooms without natural light we have an outdoor break area we have a beautiful indoor break area we have a full conference center on the third floor in the hotel it's a dedicated space it has its own dedicated staff they go up there for their meeting all of their food and beverages out there their breaks are up there and the great thing about booking a meeting with us is it can be one price. so our meeting attendees many of them will choose to stay on site and eat in our restaurants well there's a lot of influence from around the globe and I would describe my cooking is a lot lighter and then what most people would expect we have five on-site dining options we have our fork and bottle restaurant where we serve breakfast lunch and dinner we have our Fox and Hounds pub that serves lunch and dinner with a lighter more seasonal fare we have our sunset grill deck which is open seasonally our guests if they choose to die in the room we have a great in room dining program and we have our made to market concept what we found as many of our guests regardless of their purpose of visit fitness is very important to them part of the renovation was a state-of-the-art fitness center we have on-site tennis pickleball basketball but we're fortunate enough to be in a setting that allows for a walking and a jogging trail that's very scenic as for what sets us apart I would say definitely our staff the tenure here is 10 15 20 years for our staff what I hear our clients say and what we believe is high quality and great value whether you're eating sleeping drinking or working a main focus of our service and the team is to treat guests like their family and it shows many times on the way out the door they'll give a wave and say hey I'll see you next time

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Posted by: justinchan on Jul 26, 2019

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