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Mid-October Video Brochure (English V3)

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Hey you all, it's me Cheryl. And are you ready to see your Mid-October Brochure? It's the Holiday Hero and it is jam packed with some amazing offers for your customers and your hosts. So let's start with, what is that dating gift they're going to get guys? Well don't forget, when they date a Tupperware party, you're going to be able to give them on of these Ideal Lit'l Bowls. And look, it's clear with the red seal just in time for the holidays. And remember guys, I always want to build, so when I walk through the front door, they get their first one. When they have 10 guests in attendance, they get their second one. When they have $100 or more in paid outside orders, they get their third one. And then when they have a dating waiting, or a blind date, before I get to the party, they get their fourth one you all. So they can get an entire set just by hosting a Tupperware party with you. How awesome is that? And then they can also qualify for this super duper host gift special. It's $700 and 2 in Canada. And let me just kind of walk you through what they're going to get. Well first of all you all, they're going to get the classic. This is a classic, it's our mixing bowls. Now in your brochure, it says that your mixing bowls are beater safe, they are beater safe for hand beating, like with a whisk or your spatulas, but not your electric beaters. So, they're going to get their 4-cup, their 8-cup, and their 12-cup mixing bowls. And the great thing about this you all, is they nest inside each other and it's the perfect size no matter what kind of mixing you're going to be doing. And they're also going to get a fan favorite! And it is the mixing bowl guys, a Fix-N-Mix bowl. This is 26 cups guys. Now this, they actually can use their electric beaters inside here because it is textured on the inside. So when they're beating up that double batch of cookie recipe, or those cake mixes, they actually can put their hand beaters right inside the Fix-N-Mix bowl. Then they're also going to get guys, not one but two of our Snack-Stor containers. And you also have a set of our four Mini Canisters. And you know what you all? This one has your "Let it Snow" recipe. You can find this recipe on the blog. You'll want to make sure that you're sharing it at all your Tupperware parties because these make amazing holiday gifts. And we also have our caramel corn. Now this is a recipe that we've been doing in the field, in your Stack Cooker for years. And I have to give a huge shout out to Glen Cochran, because he makes on with bacon and it's the bomb you all! So, maybe Glenn will post it on Facebook. And you're also going to get guys, a set of our Measuring Cups and Spoons. And what makes ours different is, don't forget, share with all of your customers and your host, that Tupperware makes one with the 1/8 teaspoon. That is exclusive. And we also have in our Measuring Cups, the 2/3 measuring cup. And with our Measuring Cups guys, they have a pour spout on the left and the right. So whether you're left handed or right handed, these are very easy for everyone to use. So this host guest special is a must have. And all of your hostesses can qualify for it for free by hosting a party with you, starting with our Mid-October Brochure. Are you excited? Okay guys, you know the great thing about this host gift special, is your host, if they don't want all of this, they can use this part right here and they can gift it. Or they can gift this part right here. They can mix or match however they want because they're getting two sets of the mixing bowls, they're getting two of the Fix-N-Mix Bowls, they're getting two of our Snack-Stor Containers, and they're getting a set of four of our Mini Canisters guys. So, it's a great way to host a party and for your host to get some holiday gifts absolutely free, and still have some amazing Tupperware for their own kitchen. Okay guys, are you ready to be a hero at your Tupperware parties? Well you are going to be when you're showcasing our 10-piece CrystalWave PLUS Planover Set. Now guys, the great thing about this CrystalWave PLUS Planover Set is it has the brand new stain guard on the inside. So no more ring around your Tupperware bowl and your customers are going to love that. Make sure when you're demonstrating this, that you're showing them how to use this seal. So they're going to put the seal on and when they put it in the microwave, they just have to take it and just push down on the back [click]. Did you hear that little click? And that opens up the tab and they put it in the microwave. Now if they're going to put it back in the refrigerator, make sure you're showing this to all your customers, just push down, [click], another little click guys. And now you can store this in the refrigerator. So these are perfect sizes guys as you're getting ready for the holidays. Because you know what guys? You might have those plan-overs on Thanksgiving, and you know you're going to have them the next day, we have every different size that you're going to need for those planovers. Or maybe you're doing meal prep cooking on a Sunday and you want to make two batches of your homemade soup, two batches of your homemade spaghetti sauce or gravy. Or maybe you want to make two batches of your mom's favorite beef stew recipe. We have the perfect sizes to put them inside here put them in the refrigerator, let them be for 48 hours, pull this out and reheat. Or, the perfect size for on-the-go and for your lunches. So what do you get in your set guys? Well your 10-piece set comes with not one but four of our two and a half cup bowls, and then you're going to get two of our four and a quarter size bowls. You're going to get two of our six and a quarter bowls and you're going to get two of our eight and a half cup bowls. How awesome is that? And that's going to make up your good set. Now you want to take it to your better set. And when your customers purchase the 10-piece CrystalWave set they can then add the P-with-P, which is a set of two of our one and three quarter cup Crystal Wave PLUS Round Set little mini bowls guys. And this is the perfect size for your lunches. And then you're going to want to make your best set. And to make the best set guys, you're going to add in the attendance offer which is not one but two of our CrystalWave soup mug. And this too has our stain guard on it and I'm going to talk about this more later guys. So are you ready to be that plan-over hero at your Tupperware parties? Say yes, say si, say oui. Then don't forget at your Tupperware parties, you have your good, better, best sets. So you can also take that and you can share it with a friend or make it into a girlfriend set. Or, keep one set for yourself and gift one set for the holidays. Okay you all, now we're going to go into those cooking sidekicks. Those are those items that people have to have. Starting guys with our Silicone Wonder Mat and our Silicone Spatula. Now, I love these you all. And you want to make sure that you're talking at your Tupperware parties, tell people why they need this. First of all, you line all of your cookie sheets with the Silicone Wonder Mat. And this promotes healthy cooking because when you're lining your cooking sheets with the Silicone Wonder Mat guys, you do not have to use butter. You don't have to use any of that spray on stuff, all you need is a Silicone Wonder Mat. It also promotes even distribution of your heat so no more do you have those cookies on your cookie sheet that one sides burnt and the other side on the other end of the cookie sheet the cookie's not even done. This is going to be completely done, all the way through, even distribution of your heat. And, it also doubles as a pastry sheet. So you can use this if you want to roll out for your pie dough and or maybe those large cookies that you're going to use your cookie forms for guys. And we also have our Silicone Spatula, one of my favorites, because you can put this on top of your stove up to 400 degrees. How awesome is that? And you can also use this when you're mixing inside your mixing bowls guys. Now, it has two different sides on the spatula and you want to tell your customers why. The straight side right here guys, is perfect when you want to scrape out or clean out straight sided pans or straight sided containers. The round side right here, is great for cleaning out your mixing bowls or the inside of any of your mayonnaise jars, your mustard jars, all of those things. And the tip, right here guys, make sure you're telling your customer it is the bomb for cleaning out the inside of all of your Tupperware seals. So no more gunk inside here from the dishwasher. So, I would take your Silicone Spatula and your Silicone Wonder Mat guys, and you want to sell this as a set. And then you're going to take it and you're going to add it to our Stack Cooker. Now this is our Stack Cooker, our premium set. It's going to come with the 3-piece set. It's going to come with the colander and it's going to come with the cone. Now the great—and it's also going to come with not one but two of our seals which now makes this set you all. This set can go in the microwave, it also can go in the refrigerator, and it can go in the freezer! I know, how awesome is that! Now, why do you care? Well first of all guys, did you know that you can do a complete meal in our Stack Cooker? So the base always has your side dish, the middle always has your meat dish or your main dish, and the top always has your dessert. You stack it all together, put it in the microwave, 30 minutes set it and forget it, take it out and voila, dinner's done. Now if you want to do a cake or a bundt cake guys, you just add the cone to the base. Okay and voilà, you can do a cake in the microwave in 10 minutes. How awesome is that? Or monkey bread, hmm, next time we get together I'll teach you that. And then you can also do all of your walking talking taco parties or your hamburger meat or your turkey meat. Simply tell your customers to take the colander, put it in the base of the Stack Cooker, put your hamburger meat, or your turkey meat, or your sausage, or whatever inside here guys, put it in the microwave and cook it alright. Usually hamburger meat it's about six minutes per pound, sausage it's about six to seven minutes per pound. And the great thing about this guys, is when you take the colander out at your Tupperware parties and you walk around, you want to show people how much grease is down here. And then you want to say to them, "You know what you all, this is what you're eating!". But when you're using our Stack Cooker with our colander, that grease stays down here it doesn't go inside here. So, it promotes healthy eating guys okay. And then you can also share with them, if they want to make a meal the night before, so if they've got a busy day the next day, they can go ahead and prepare their side dish, they can go ahead and prepare their main dish and you just simply put the seal on it guys. Okay, put the seal on this, put the seal on this one, put it inside the refrigerator. The next day come home, peal the seal, add your dessert guys or whatever you want on the top. You could do another vegetable on the top if you wanted to. Stack it, put it in the microwave, set it and forget it, in 30 minutes, dinner's done. You know what you all? You can ditch the drive thru. Put some money in your pocket and healthy feed your family using all of these products. Okay guys, so at your Tupperware parties, when you're using this, this is also great for those candy making parties that you're going to want to be doing. And also those cooking exchange parties. And you know what you all? We have the best, yes I did say the best, gift giving containers. Tupperware! And does this not scream holidays guys? So, I wouldn't be selling this as one set, I would double up and do this as two sets you all. Because it really is the perfect size for all of those gifts. In the top one we have your caramel corn. You can also put some caramel corn in the middle. And in here we have our Snow Place Like Home Canister. And make sure that you're talking at your Tupperware parties about the seal. So they want to make sure that you leave a little bit of room at the very top because when you put your seal down, and you push on, we call this the instant seal, so whether you're using the thumbs the palm of your hand or your elbow, you just simply push down [click] and you'll hear the click. So you've got to leave a little extra room at the top so you're not smashing. So now you have your gifts guys. So, somebody who you like a little bit, somebody who you like a little more and somebody who you like a lot. And then we also have guys, it's back and it's a classic and it is our Snow Place Like Home Cookie Canister. I have to tell you all, this is a collectors item. So you've got customers who have bought this every single year Tupperware's made it available. Make sure you're calling them up and getting them to host a Tupperware party because they're going to want to add this to their collection. So once again, it's great for cookies but it's also great for any holiday treat that you might want to put inside there. Or, you can take it guys, and sell it as your gift giving Tupperware containers and sell this whole entire Snow Place Like Home Canister set as one set guys. So lot's of options in your Mid-October Brochure. But, are you ready for the holidays? Say yes! Okay guys, we don't have a naughty list in Tupperware we only have a nice list and you all are on it. So at your Tupperware parties we have some of the best gift giving ideas. Starting with our Mini Baking Set. And what's different about this set this year from last year is, it includes and entire set of our measuring spoons. How awesome is that you all? You're also going to get your Thatsa Mini Bowl, your little mini Measuring Cup, your little Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter and you're going to get your Spatula and your Mini Rolling pin. So everything those kids need to help mom in the kitchen as they're getting ready for the holidays. We also have this available in a bakers dozen and that means you get to have 13 for the price of 12. It's on your Sales Force website. And you'll want to get with your Business Leader and or your Director on more ideas on how you can do your kids in the kitchen Tupperware parties. And it's back guys, by popular demand and it's our play day set guys. Any you're going to get a set of your Bell Tumblers and the Domed Sipper Seals. And you're also going to get a set of your Ideal Lit'l Bowls. Love these! And, you're going to get the classic, okay, everybody has to have a Tupperware Shape-O Toy. And you know what you all, this starts with those babies from the time they are just six months old all the way up to adulthood because there's a million things you can do with the Shape-O Toy. So, the next time we get together, I'll share it with you or, see your Business Leader. And we also have, on sale, Mickey and Dory, they're on sale you all, okay! So you want to make sure you're sharing these two sets at your Tupperware parties because who doesn't want this in their home. So this is great as either a holiday gift, it could be a baby's first birthday gift, it could be a shower gift for somebody whose about to have a baby. Our every "Gigi" has to have these sets in their home for when the kids come over and visit. So, everything that you need for those holiday gift giving sets. Okay guys, and the great gifts continue on your tear off starting October the 14 through the 27. And we have a set of eight of our Snow Place Like Home Snack Cups with this really fun holiday print in here. And you know what guys, what's so great about these, is these really do make ideal gifts for those people that you want to give them a little something to say "I appreciate you". So you know what you all, we've got caramel corn in one, you can actually take this one—we have the "Let it Snow", and we also have on the blog the dark chocolate truffles recipe. Try saying that fast three times. And you can put three inside here. So, these are great gifts guys. They all come with the red seals for the red ones and the green ones will have their green seals. Set of eight, on sale for two weeks. How awesome is that? And you know what guys, remember that truffle I was talking about, right inside here. Here's the recipe right inside here. So you take your Spaghetti Dispenser, and you can use this as an amazing gift giving because all of the dry ingredients are here. You attach the directions, put a little bow on it guys and what a great gift is this! And you know what you all, after they make the truffles, they have, because we always say "Tupperware's the gift that keeps on giving", they have a two pound Spaghetti Dispenser. How awesome is that? Make sure you're telling your customers at the parties that they need to line the seal up with the groves on the side of the Spaghetti Dispenser. And also tell them, when they open it up, they take this off, put your spaghetti in, you have a serving for one or a serving for two. Or, you can pop the whole thing out if you have a serving of four or more in your family. So, this right here guys is amazing and it's on sale. Okay, so more holiday have to have's, and we have a classic and it's back, and it's our Flavor Saver Container guys. So you know what makes this so great is when you peel the seal, it actually has on the inside, a tray that has easy-grip handles and they can lift it all the way out. So what would you use this for guys? You could put a small turkey in here, you could put a ham inside here. You could actually put a pork shoulder inside here and it's great to be able to take this out. On Thanksgiving, if you just want to put your turkey back in here with the carcass and then de-bone it the next day, put it right inside here, put the seal on it, put it in the refrigerator. Voilà, you're good to go. Or, if you're a huge holiday baker, take out the removable tray and you know what you all, this is the bomb for cookies. And if you're going to have a big holiday get together, you can also use this to store your bagels. So lots of different reasons why your customers are going to want the Flavor Saver Container in their home this holiday season. And we also have guys, on sale, our Mix-N-Store Plus Pitcher. And the great thing about this is you can actually use your beaters in here because the bottom is texturized. And to do that guys, you're going to mix up your cake mix or something that needs to be beated, maybe you're doing your pancakes, put your dry ingredients in here and add in your liquid. Put your beaters inside here guys and then you can simply pour using this pour spout. So if you want to save something in here for the next day guys, you simply take the cover, because it's not a seal, flip it around so the tab is lined up with the lip, and put this inside the refrigerator. Now if you're doing pancakes, did you all know that if you add just one teaspoon of one thing, and then you fluff it back up, it makes those pancakes just as fluffy as the day you made them. Do you know what that one thing is? You don't? Well then the next time we get together, I'll tell you because it's amazing. And then you guys, last but not least, one of my favorite Tupperware gadgets and it is our Can Opener. And you want to make sure at your Tupperware parties that you are demonstrating our Can Opener because it is a must have for everybody's kitchen and it is a great gift this holiday season. So all you do is open it up guys, and then you just simply line it on here and close it. And you will feel, okay, you'll feel if it's connected. And then you simply turn okay. Whether you're left handed or you're right handed, you're just going to turn and you're just going to hear this small little click on the can. Now I let my customers do this at the party because then they're like, "Wow!" You can see when it's done, it gets easier to turn. Then you just open it back up and then you just grab the can just like this, close it back up, voila! And you know what guys, look at this, no rough edges! Okay, no rough edges! So you can do this at the Tupperware parties. You can't do those with all your can openers guys. So our Tupperware Can Opener, it's a must have and it is on sale. But we're not done because we have one more thing, our attendance offer. Are you ready? Okay, you all, I told you I'd come back and I'd talk a little bit more about our attendance offer and it is your CrystalWave PLUS Soup Mugs. Remember, they do have the stain guard on the inside and this is a must have. Customers love this. First of all you all, you can use this for, do a can of soup. Okay, put it on top of here, wrap it up, put a pretty bow on it. What a great gift is this for a teacher? They would love this you all. So it's a great gift giving idea. You can also make a cake in here. Did you all know that? The 3-2-1 Cake. So the recipe is on the blog so you can do your 3-2-1- Cake. It's perfect inside here and you can also do that 3-2-1 Cake for your baby's first birthday. Make the cake inside here, it's the perfect size. Ice it up guys, let the baby eat that and then all the parents get the real deal. How great is that you all? And I have Cristy here with me so come here girlfriend. So Cristy uses her CrystalWave PLUS Soup Mug almost ever day don't you? I do. You don't use it for soup right? No. You'd use it in the morning for your... Oatmeal! --Oatmeal! So what do you do Cristy? So, while I'm ready, getting dressed, packing up everything else, I put my oatmeal in, add some water, put it in the microwave, put it on for a minute. And then I put it in my lunch bag and I go to work. When I go to work, I then eat my breakfast. So you can eat it once you get here to your desk right? Absolutely. So she makes her oatmeal ahead of time guys, and then she brings it with her to work. So not only is this great for soup right, or is it not only great for your grits, yes, if you're from the south right. Yes. Which is also amazing for your --[All]: oatmeal! So use Cristy's idea guys because I love that idea Cristy. I love it too. If you all don't know who Cristy is, she is in our merchandising. And she actually did your Holiday Hero Brochure. So good job. --Thank you! Good job girlfriend. Okay so, we've got your CrystalWave PLUS Soup Mugs guys. Now, they're sold in a set of two you know why everybody's going to want them. And then Cristy once again, if you take your Tupperware, and you take it to your parties, and you just dress it up just a little bit, to give people the idea of how this is the perfect gift giving container guys. So like that caramel corn, you loved that didn't you? Absolutely. Guys, don't go and buy it someplace else. You can make it penny's on the dollar at your Tupperware parties. That "Let it Snow", teach them how to do that, put it inside here and you've got the best gift giving idea. So, are you ready to go out and party? Say yes. Say si. --[All]: Say oui. Okay you all, last but not least, make sure that you're using Tammy's story to help tell your I story at all of your Tupperware parties. Because just like Tammy, this business could change your life. And in Tammy's story, she talks about being married and having two children, two little boys and pregnant with her third child. And I'm happy to tell you all, that Tammy had a baby girl. Chloe Beth was born on September 3. So, congratulations and make sure you going out and spreading the amazing opportunity that, what Tupperware can do for you, it can also do for everyone else at your Tupperware parties. So before I say goodbye, remember you all: Think big, start small but make sure you're out partying now! See you all.

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Mid-October Video Brochure (English V3)

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