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Course Tutorial

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Hello and welcome to Building Learning Communities Online. My name is Michelle Pacansky-Brock, your instructor, and I know how difficult this first week is for you. The first week of any new online class is always challenging because you always have to take time to figure out just how this instructor has this organized. And I realize this is more challenging for some of you than others, particularly if you're someone who has never used Moodle before. So I hope that the next couple of minutes are used wisely and will be helpful to you in getting oriented this week. You've already been to the page that you see here, essentially this is the page you will see each time you log into our Moodle site. And as you've already learned, the course is organized into weekly units Each week will appear in the center of the class. There will be an image to the right and a very brief summary to the left explaining what we will be doing that week. Down below, I will always start off the week with a summary. Right here you see, "Week One: Summary." These are links for you to click on to get into our content but I just want to show you - if you click on that summary, you are always going to see this format for every summary regardless of what week it is. And the summary will always include "Learning Objectives" and "Assignments." The learning objectives are not things you need to answer and send to me, they are essentially your goals for the learning units so you have an understanding of what, essentially, you're striving to learn by the end of that unit. And then down below is a list of assignments that help you reach those learning objectives. So these assignments are here for you as a check off list you can go back in here and check in an see how you're doing and the assignments that have points associated with them will be listed here so that should be very clear to you and you should be able to really keep track of what you need to do to earn the points that you need for the class, if that is, of course, what you are here for. And going back to our front page here, we are back in the week one learning unit here, this is a video announcement from me and the course guide. These little icons here essentially will tell you what type of resource has been provided. This icon tells you that it is a PDF, something that you'll need to download and save to your hard drive. This little "question" is simply a poll. that I want you to answer it should only take a minute of your time anytime you see a poll. The little person with the "quote bubble" that means a discussion forum It's somewhere where you'll need to comment and discuss with your classmates. And we'll be using a book format. Whenever you see a "book" it doesn't mean it's a book that you need to go locate and read, it's an online book that is essentially webpages that you'll just need to read on your screen. So this is kind of the equivalent of a lecture that I'm providing to you We'll also be watching online movies in class some other PDFs and this is the emerging technology you'll be experimenting with this week something you'll learn more about later when I introduce you to the concept of emerging technologies with regards to building community as you read the book this week. So this is your VoiceThread discussion activity. I want to point out one more thing for you It's really important that you understand how to update your profile over here on the left if you just click on "Profile" you have the option here to edit your profile. And the really important thing here is for you to be sure that the email address on your profile is an email address that you are reachable at, an email address that you will be checking consistently throughout the next four weeks If you need to change that, click on "Edit Profile" and then go ahead and update that email address I do need to warn you that after you update it, you will be sent an email to that address that you need to verify before it will take effect in Moodle. So, I hope that is helpful to you. Have a great first week. I am here for you if you have any questions.

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Posted by: brocansky on Jan 26, 2009

This is a video tutorial providing an orientation to the basic course design of Building Learning Communities Online.

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