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Trentino Alto Adige CIUIGA OF BANALE My life has always been here, in the mountains, on these steep slopes. We’re in Trentino, and more precisely in San Lorenzo in Banale, a small town with 1000 inhabitants located between the Garda lake and the Brenta river. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. We’ve entered this network a little while ago, also thanks to this peculiar product that we produce here: the Ciuìga, that is the renowned salami with turnips. Its close resemblance to the spruce pine cone gives the name to the product. It is a peasant tradition: in former times, it was made with an 80% of turnips and only 20, 25, 30% at the most of pork meat or what was left of the family pig. Today we use selected meats: approximately 70% in the mixture and 30% of cooked and squeezed out turnips. We mix it with the ingredients, that are: salt, pepper, garlic and red wine. Then we put the mixture in the casing, we smoke it, we let it dry a little, and it’s finally ready to be sold. In any case, the recipe has a traditional flavor, a persistent and peculiar taste. The ciuìga is still produced also at home: each family, not all of them though nowadays, but most of the families produce a homemade ciuìga. I like the ciuìga boiled with a potato and two cabbages, that’s it: very simple. The ciuìga has been a Slow Food product for a couple of years now. For the most part, we use local turnips produced by our farmers and even the pig: we use a pig born, bred and butchered in Trentino to give that mountain flavor to the product, to give it an added value. Our company, which counts more than 120 years of history, was born to fulfil the needs to create a purchasing group in order to obtain better prices on food products. Then, in time, it has developed until it has become what it is today, a company that sells and produces food products. The product’s success lies in its simplicity and in the amount of work put into it: my work and the work of a lot of other people. Now I’m 28 years old, and I’ve been working for approximately ten years. I went to the Agrarian School, I threw myself headlong into the butchery sector. I’ve learned from my colleagues, I’ve learned from people who have been doing this job for 50 years. History is great but we must look to the future to preserve, even in our mountain areas, these productions, to keep them here, hold them dear, because they provide a living. What I wanted to be when I grew up… honestly I don’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up but I’m a butcher now and I like it.

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