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rav berg zohar shoftim 2001 edited 2017

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This section is to guarantee us when we participate in this reading and listen as the Light force is generated and travelling by virtue of the reading that each and single one of us present and we have in our consciousness and in our knowledge the reasons and the purposes of why we are here to hear this particular section then we are almost... I wouldn't say even the word almost. I'm sorry! We are guaranteed that we will never be faced with a miscarrige of justice! And for each and every description of a crime when it tells us stoning, hanging, burning by a torture into the individual's throat or stoning, spear... it's all clarified by a very simple tale told by the Baal Shem Tov Once he had a student and approached the Baal Shem Tov when it came to this parasha of Shoftim and he like all of us came enraged 'Just... God! Is this justice?' he says 'In general there is no justice system!' 'What do you mean?' 'We see the criminal goes free... '...they', sometimes and it does happen, 'the innocent are locked up, and I don't see justice around...' And yet we are being told by our teacher the kabbalist the Baal Shem Tov that there is justice. How do you account for it? and so the Baal Shem Tov says: 'Listen carefully and I want you to do exactly as I tell you.' 'Tomorrow your are going to go to this and this park... ...and at the far left corner of the park, northern left side,... ...I want you to sit down at the bench, beautiful bench over there... ...beautiful surroundings, not many benches are over there, just two or three. I want you to park yourself about 12 o'clock, tomorrow afternoon, just sit and observe.' It comes tomorrow, the student of Baal Shem Tov goes out to the park... finds the benches that he was referred to, sits down. And on behold, on the other second bench a man with a... with an attache comes up, and sits down Sits down and says uhm... says nothing! Picks up a sandwiche, eats the sandwiche and leaves. But, he forgot his attache case. He was so engrossed in this delicious sandwiche, obviously,... he forgot about his attache case, and leaves. A few moments later comes another gentleman, and he sits down there. Immediately seeing this attache case, picks it up and runs! And an another few moments later, a third gentleman sits down on that bench,... ...picks up a sandwiche and starts eating. Where upon the first man who left the attache case in the first place... ...comes over to this third gentleman, and says: 'Give me back my attache case!' This poor fellow... 'I don't know what you are talking about!' 'I left just maybe four minutes ago! I left my attache case right here!... ...and you are sitting right there four minutes later,... ...and you are telling me you don't know where's that attache case.' He says 'No, I'm telling you, I'm totally innocent! Don't know anything about it!' And he starts beating up this gentleman,... ...trying to coerce him into divulging where he hid his attache case until he flooded himself, he saw it was no use. This man was not going to tell him the truth, and so in despair he goes away. With that, the student comes back to the Baal Shem Tov, and says: 'My Teacher, my Master!... You indeed told me that if I went out to this particular place I will observe with my own eyes Justice... its most perfected form!' 'I have to admit to you Master,... ...if there was any kind that I could have ever found the epidemy of injustice, here it was!' 'First individual had an attache case filled with money...' Because, that's what he was telling him I forgot to mention that. The first individual was telling this third gentleman... 'That attache case was filled with my life's savings!' And so here is the first man has his life's savings snatched away from him. never to see it again along comes the second gentleman, and suddenly he is in possession of a fortune for an obvious no reason... meaning: he didn't earn that money He walks away scot-free! Steels the the attache case filled with money of the first individual, and there it is... 'My Teacher, say this is justice?' 'And then take a look at the third person...' 'He is totally innocent! He had nothing to do with either two of those gentlemen.' 'He gets the beating at the end!' 'He is totally innocent! He did nothing that attache case,... ...but he winds up in place of the second man getting that beating, he gets the beating.' To which the Baal Shem Tov responds: 'You've just missed it! You've missed a perfect scene, and you did not comprehend.' 'You were looking, you were seeing something else.' 'What did I sent you there to see?' 'I wanted you to understand that... you see, the first gentleman?' 'And the second gentleman?' 'These two were partners in a prior lifetime.' 'The first gentleman stole that precise amount of money from the second gentleman.' 'And now retribution was going to take place for Justice survives. Justice takes precedence.' 'No innocent man goes... is left untouched.' 'No innocent man suffers injustice.' 'The criminal does not earn his way through like without earning, without hard work, but... ...the guilty, the guilty do suffer with depravations of Justice.' 'For the prior lifetime... ...the first man owed the precise amount of money to the second individual,... and now it was time for retribution.' But friends there is Justice! Shabat Shalom to all of you!'

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