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Bernard teach: Energy and Illusion as Quantum Reality as the Future 1

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Desteni Presents: Energy and Illusion - Part 1 Ok, so let's look at the, the situation around energy What has 'caused' our problem within 'the context', of our existence? In the very beginning, we 'emerged', from the physical universe From that which was, call it 'manifest' - that which was Here which was a physical universe In our 'emergence' from it we were in a way, like an energetic 'impulse' that 'came' from it So in the beginning they will explain to you, for instance if you look at the and you study the races that is here, in the universe - how everyone 'emerged' from the planets and then when you, 'died' you return to the planet for instance when you found Anu well, all the beings in heaven and we started going 'back' we were looking at the forefathers of Anu we found them in the planets they as, they existed as 'an imprint' as as the history of the movement of - the energetics because energy, always change 'form' but it's always the same energy so dimensionally it has a different imprint so, when you for instance now 'eat food' your food that you're eating, eating is coming say from the 'plant' but that pant has, derived it's energy from the, shit that placed back into the earth and thus it is the "same energy" - it's just another dimension of it which is how your multidimensionality operates, in a physical way So if you really go 'back' at any singular 'point' in- the physical reality you will be able to find all its, its dimensions that means that which it 'existed as' before which is your "quantum reality" as you've experienced it, as a physical reality and as you 'access', how it has 'progressed' through, what you call 'time' but it was actually just simply its- 'functionality' within, a sequential 'process' of eternal existence where it simply 'change form', from energy to energy which means it change 'substance', change its nature from one form, to another form but you can go 'back', within that as and actually 'trace back' its, 'origin' means where does it come from? and how did it 'move' which is similar to past Lifes and one's existence through out, "time" this time though is not really, measured, as anything else, as the sequential 'change', transformation of 'the energy' that which was in substance Now within that we became, 'aware' we became, an energy of, the energy in that awareness, we created a 'mind' that 'mind' was basically our attempt to understand that our existence, within this 'emergence' - from what is 'Here' Everything was always fine because, from a certain perspective if you have, 'managed' or directed it - within the interest of all there was no 'conflict', there was no 'friction' necessary because the energy was simplistically transforming, within the relationships that was existent the relationship that was 'existent' was within, its 'definition-ize', of and as the form it has that is then, burnt- taken apart, and naturally releases its energy which is - fusion for instance, or 'combustion' for instance we all existed within, a reality that you could call 'quanta' a 'quantum' reality, where everything in a ways was immediate yet we would experience ourselves, within the 'sequence of our expression' within that emerged, a process, of abuse a process of, where some noticed, that they could form- a point of view about something and that their point of view - which you can call an opinion was "worth" more than another's point of view within that point of view, 'a friction' developed, between two points of views the friction, between those two points of views which I'm- which are now a manifes-tation 'of', another 'dimension', of the same energy where it comes from which has become 'individualized' and separate, from the 'total movement' of, the physical energy within which all existed within 'that', contextual relationship that was created a friction developed between those two points of view/opinions That friction created, or in that allowed an energy to emerge, that was separated that could be directed, as a 'individualized energy' - which you can call 'thought' toady within that, was created or within that, we created our 'illusion' when we- once we started taking that thought that separated, 'changed', perceptual energy which was not 'seen', which was not returning to its 'source' we started to create, 'illusions' and we started to 'trap', that energy which is real, in an illusion and we slowly consumed, the universe Through out, billions- of years, as you now call it we have consumed, the whole universe like that A solution had to be found. Part Two to Continue.. For discussion visit: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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