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System Demon - Knowledge Demon 1

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demon - Knowledge Demon 1 Hi I am the knowledge system- demon ok, so what is knowledge? knowledge is the following: you'll learn how to retain knowledge in school in education now parents, hear what your governments are doing to your children ok, so when you go to school, you'll learn how to retain information ok? knowledge! you are sitting in front of a desk ok? got your paper books in front of you got the teacher blubbering mimicking the information of the book that she is ordered by the government to say what she's required to say so it's government through teacher talking to children so people- your children are being trained by your government are you part of your government? because those people in government status at the moment right now is in control of your children I hope you understand that equation, I don't know if you've seen that already whatever reflected in the education system, is what is done by your government So look at who's in your government, and then you tell me if you'd actually because, it's the same thing as putting the government in front of you putting your children in front of your government having your government teach your children - same thing ok so, anyway so now you are sitting as a child in front of your desk you've got the shit in front of you and your teacher says: Alright children, go and study that tonight now your child goes home: Mommy I've got home work, mommy I've got to study this now your children sitting in front of the paper sentence by sentence, remembering what the fuck is on the piece of paper so basically what is gonna happen is that piece of paper with words written on it by other people in your government who according to them is how the school system must be setup puts that piece of paper with the information into their mind and then they have to say- to the teacher through a test whether they have specifically copied that piece of paper into their mind to remember written by the governments of the world 'education system' of the world taught through teachers to children and then that child has got now all that piece of paper of information that's basically what happens the children copies information given to them on pieces of paper by the education system by your government, ok? basically you can really put your children in front of your government and have your government teach your children, same thing so, now your child's got all this knowledge and information in their mind what the fuck are they going to do with it? what! are they going to do with it? then they go- ok now hear this, this is an interesting story twelve years they spent in school education ok? doing absolutely nothing but take information from a piece of paper and copy it into their mind ok? developing their mind to become smart to become clever, ok? then! they obviously have to go study maybe another ten or eleven years to be able to afford a decent salary, to be able to survive in this world, ok? what happens there is the exact same thing they've learned so much information, in a period of twelve years which basically they've got fuck all to do with what happens when they get into their education system in university state they will learn all new things again, more papers with- copying it into their mind messing up another ten years of the- by the time they are 28, 29, 30 they are just real persons with lots of information in their mind doing nothing not living at all apparently going to movies, watching television going partying bullshit like that is living, no you know it's entertainment, what is entertainment? entertainment keeps you busy, isn't that the definition of entertainment? yah so keeping you busy this world is keeping human beings busy so they don't realize all they've ever done is copied information of pieces of paper into their minds to apply it- apparently in this world in shops now the shop or the business or the job where they're now applying what they've been learned here (head) is the manifestation of all the knowledge that they've learned for the past thirty or twenty years now that's interesting, how why? how does that work? why is this world setup that way? in other words, human beings are robots of knowledge and information studying caught in the believe of an education system for 20 to 30 years of their Lifes with which they are literally fucked because they can't do anything all they have to do is knowledge (copy) knowledge (copy) knowledge by the governments of these countries then- end up finally by the manifestation of all that they have learned as knowledge and information in this world that's how it works so- Life doesn't exist I've just proved it thank you very much this is the knowledge- system demon Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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