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Anatomy of a Best-Seller

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Welcome to Launch Your Dream Book. Today we're going to discuss the anatomy of a best-seller. This class will help you launch your book and climb the rankings on Amazon. First thing's first, bio-individuality is key here. When it comes to creating a best-seller, it's important to know that there's no one-size-fits-all way of marketing or selling your book to become a best seller. All marketing is bio-individual. Today, I'm going to go over a few ways that many of our book course authors have reached the Amazon best-seller list. Number one, good content. The first way is to create good content. This goes without saying, but a good book is a good book. If it has great content, people will start to talk about it and want to share it and make it known. Think about your favorite books. What did you like about them? Did you want to share them with other people? Were you inspired to take action? Did you take action? Why or why not? Many books that went on to be best-sellers started out by word of mouth. 50 Shades of Grey was actually a self-published book that spread like wildfire and eventually got picked up by a publishing house and became a best-seller. Timeless content is great. Many topics quickly become outdated, but content that is timeless will always be relevant to readers. Number two, stay relevant. The second way is to stay relevant in your industry. Attend webinars, conferences, and stay in the know about what's going on in your field. Always see who else is writing similar books. Notice their approach, where they speak, who connects with them, et cetera. See how they're staying relevant and connecting to their audience. Ensure that you stay relevant in the media. Just because your book is a bit older doesn't mean it won't sell. If your book is a year or two old, you can still pitch it to magazines, TV producers, and other people in the media. It may not be new to you, but it's new to them. Number three, keywords. Another way to boost your rankings is by using keywords to help boost your SEO rankings. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This basically helps optimize your website through specific keywords and drives more traffic to your website. Using keywords on your website, blog, or Amazon page helps increase the chances of your tribe members finding you. First think of what you would want to search for if you were trying to find your book. What words or emotions come up? You can also pay one to do keyword optimization for you to see what people in your arena are searching for., that's F-i-v-e-r-r, has some SEO experts that can give you reports so you can start using specific effective keywords on your blog or Amazon author page. Number four, price point. Price point can make a huge difference in how well you rank on Amazon, and there are some ways to help increase your chances of becoming a best-seller. The first way to do it is the free to $0.99 eBook method. Basically, you decrease the cost of your eBook down to free or $0.99 for 24-72 hours. Encourage as many people as you can to download it. This creates buzz and increases downloads. With the low offer, many people will help spread the word about your book, and it gives people a chance to try it with little risk. The more people that download it in a short period of time, the higher your chances of climbing the rankings. You could also use a paid service like for additional promotion. They basically offer your eBook at a discounted rate, but it goes out to their niche list of hundreds of thousands of people. You pay a rate to do it this way, but it gets your book in front of thousands. Next is Facebook ads. To piggyback off the free to $0.99 eBook method, you could also pay for Facebook ads while you're offering the book deal. Facebook ads allow you to target your ideal reader, so it's a great way to gain new followers and increase your book downloads. It's worth checking out and playing around with to see if it helps your book. Next is reviews. Another great way to increase your sales and visibility is to increase your reviews on Amazon. Consumer reviews are one of the best ways to sell a product. People love to hear from real people on whether or not they should buy a product. Think about when you shop. Do you look at reviews of various makes and models to ensure quality before you purchase? Books are no different. The more reviews you have, the better. Let's go over a few ways to do this. Number one, encourage your friends and family to read your book and write a review on Amazon. Number two, offer a special bonus for people that leave an Amazon review. Number three, gift copies to encourage reviews. One of our students actually made a goal to gift a hundred books in exchange for reviews. She did this, and within two weeks she had over a hundred reviews. This helped boost her book on Amazon and helped her sell more books, definitely a win/win. Awards. Awards are another fantastic way to get noticed. If you win an award, it's a great selling point and a way to get media attention. Both Joshua and Lindsey have won awards for their books. Here are some of the best award organizations to apply for. IPPY Awards, all categories of self-published books, Living Now Awards, Natural Living, Moonbeam Awards for Children's Books, Next is a marketing plan. With all this information, it's important to put together a plan for your marketing ventures. You can always revisit the super-simple marketing plan provided in this course. Remember, you don't have to do everything at once. You can strategically launch various plans throughout the year. And remember, take consistent daily action. Try to reach out to one to five people a day, whether it's a blog, a reporter, a producer, or someone that you will think will write you an awesome review. These small and consistent actions will lead to big results. So this week, check in with yourself. What is one daily action you can take this week to move your book forward? Aim to do one thing a day this week. Check in with your accountability partner, and share your progress on the Facebook page.

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Anatomy of a Best-Seller

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