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My name is Massimo Banzi, this is Davide Gomba. Hi! Arduino is an electronics prototyping platform, so this little board, you can see a picture here, is a small computer, that I can program using a normal computer. And the particular feature of Arduino is that the hardware is open source, the software is open source, all the documentation is released with a Creative Commons license. So the only thing protected is the name, but the rest is all available, and people can build upon it. We have tried to make an effort to make the whole platform very simple to use. We are here to introduce these new Arduino products, that we just launched through Radio Shack, starting from Wednesday. We have introduced the new Arduino Uno revision number 3, then we have the new Arduino ADK, this is the one that interfaces, with Android phones. And then other products... Arduino 2560, and then Ethernet Shield, the new upcoming Motor Shield. Now these products are available at Radio Shack, in four thousand shops around the US! One thing that we are doing right now is also concentrating quite a bit on the educational market. Arduino is already used a lot in the educational market, and we are making more and more products for it. This is a robot that we are working on, which is all based on Arduino, programmable with Arduino, will be open source. And are creating a community, an online community for teachers, at "Scuola" means school in Italian. It's a multi-language website, where professors can register, it's a social network, where they can get to know each other, they can write tutorials, they can share tutorials. They can use tutorials also made by other people, to assemble courses, or they can find ready-made courses, and they can translate content from one language to another. I am very glad that Arduino and dotSUB agreed on an important partnership, to integrate our platforms, especially the new Scuola online platform, in order to make sure that the Arduino culture, and the Arduino message gets spread and understood with the powerful medium of online video, in as many cultures, and as many languages as possible. It's very exciting! We think that online video is going to be a very important part of education online. It is very important for people to be able to translate content, and put subtitles, and we think that dotSUB is going to solve a lot of problems that people have when they want to translate content from one language to an other. Thank you very much! Thank you!

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Posted by: davidorban on Nov 19, 2011

What is arduino, Radio Shack selling Arduino in the US, the new Arduino Scuola, and partnership between dotSUB and Arduino.

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