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Street interview-Tom

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(Hi, What's your name?) Ohh, my name is Tom. (We have some questions about travel) okay, it's fine (Number one is) (Do you like travel ?) Yeah, I like traveling a lot That's why for the main reasons actually, yeah, here in Taiwan (where have you been?) I have been to several European countries before which more like Belgium, France, Germany...hum Denmark Taiwan is basically first time I have been out side of Europe. So it's my first trip experience (And which country is your favorite?) Well, seems I'm in Taiwan. I feel have to say Taiwan. I...I like Taiwan a lot. Yeah. It's really ..... (Are there any differences between the country you like and your hometown?) Yeah, a lot of if you comparing Taiwan to my hometown, it's completing different. My hometown is pretty small......totally different from ... (Are there any interesting experiences during your trip?) Yeah, lots of interesting things The most interesting experiences from traveling is when you are ...... For example, when you're just taking a trip by bike where you going trough the .....of Taiwan and you talk to someone on the street (And...have you made any good friends during your trip?) Hum...yeah but it's hard to make good friends because everyone's always on the roads. It's always hard to keep in touch with them because your traveling just......again. But I think that's one of the charm of traveling You'll never...made friends in the long term But you can just be friendly , you can just have a good time with the people for the short time (Have you learn anything from those experiences? traveling experiences) Yeah, well, I would say, before I went to Taiwan, before I went to other countries Your experiences of life is so limited So when you are in other countries, when you are interactive with other cultures We're seeing different kinds of things,so learning different kinds of things ..... We....maybe complete life experiences (According to your traveling experience, which country would you recommend to us?)'s hard to recommend just one country I think .... seeing all kinds of different country If you limit yourself only just one or two countries, that you'll get board ... (How long have you been to Taiwan?) Right now...for about eight months (Eight months. And how do you think about Taiwan?) Alright, it's really friendly country to stay. It's maybe a bit small, but...though it's small but it's still lots of to..... I have been there for eight months, it's still so much .... I haven't seen yet. (Have you been to Beijin, right?) No, I haven't been to China. Can you ..... about your country? your homeland

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Street interview-Tom

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