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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~11:48:48 - 12:05:05

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Get out of my way! Put it inside, little man! It's now or never, dude! Oh, man It hasn't finished yet? If it falls right there, partner... If that ball falls in, it's over! Stop there! I tried to play it right, 'cause his speed is slim to none! It's heavy! Twice on, dude? The ball was way over there, not even close. But the 8 ball was there, man. Anyway, it was a sweet match, wasn't it? Not bad, right? It was cool, right? Head to head. I only missed the easy shots. Who's next? Me right? A fair game, face to face. No because you weren't even here. So what? You gotta wait in line! There's an order to follow, man. Hey man, what's up? Everything cool? [Commentary on how they are playing pool.] I got that 12 ball wrong on my last shot man. Hey! Hi! I'm fucking tired, man. What about yesterday? [Comments about the game.] [Noise of kids playing.] [Singing.] Oh, wow. You wanted to pass by there, no? [Singing.] [Whistling.] My heart is pounding. Your heart? It's anxiety, no? You know what else it might be? Cigarettes. Cigarettes. Buxa had to quit smoking because of that, João. My heart is pounding like when you're anxious, you know. Buxa had to quit because of that, bro! The thing is he's nuts, smoked like crazy. All day he's on his feet. Gets home and he just sits there, smoking. He doesn't sleep at night and he's sort of fat, sedentary. And he smokes like crazy. Cigarettes take over your body, dude! He doesn't move - yesterday he was pretending to fight, but I said Buxa you're gonna die from lack of air. Stop it. We even saw the guy running, man! For example, Wagner smokes a lot but he plays soccer, got it? Wagner is always on the move, it's different. But he smoked a lot and did nothing. Didn't do anything to get the smoke out. Totally stiff. Oh my God. He would have won the game if he'd hit it right just now. He should have hit the ball all the way down. But there's still time. Are you taking medicine? Tendinitis? Did you get it by tying? I think I'm getting this thing, it's starting to hurt here. From playing the guitar. I keep doing this... moving it. [Woman offers advice on how to heal it.] And what about the little balls? Are they good? I think that can hurt it even more if it's inflamed. That guy went to the game, that way. The weather is changing, dude. It was all sun... Is it bursitis? Yeah that's it. [Comments on bursitis.] Who loses pays for the next? You need some help from the experts over here? Mariano? You need some expert help in the decision? Just press the start button. Whaaahh I was only saying. Thanks. My dreads are itching man. Had to put something in them yesterday, you know? I was going to play and wash them after. But I got home late and didn't have time. Killed that ball? It was right beside you. He left it. The ball went all that way until it finally fell in. [Commentary about the game.] Slow down with the wine, dude. Would you want me to act like this, man? In this crazy... My father is uncool. Your dad is here. [Noise of children playing.] It's all over. What's up, Sara? Tell him to come and see me. What's up? Okay, honey, let's go. It's going to fall, going to fall. Not going to give it to me? Bye Sara! Mariano? Take three more, hugh? Oh, man. Only one more? It's getting cold, hugh? We'd better get a raincoat. The weather is changing. Where's Letícia? Hey, it wasn't for you to win anyway, shit man. Darn. I got to go home, dude. I got to come up with some money, man. Lend me some, Mariano? Lend me some, 10 bucks is good. Lend me 10 bucks, Ilton? Lend me 10 bucks?

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Duration: 16 minutes and 17 seconds
Country: Brazil
Director: Helio Ishii
Views: 157
Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 13, 2008

Playing billiards.

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