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2012 part 1 3/3 Angels Aliens and Nature Spirits Oh My

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It will be like a download. You will see firsthand in 2012 why it is says in religious texts that only those who possess the heart of a child may enter the kingdom of God, or why it says a child will lead the way. You inner child and your children will indeed lead the way. When I was 17, I got inspired to write this cartoon script called “The Star Seed Chronicles” or "Memoirs of a Star Seed.” It as all about the story of humanity, and it had aliens and fairies and angels. I do not know of one book that has combined these three entities in one story. It seemed that there is no story that had all of them in one. It was fairies for fantasy stories and aliens for science fiction. I have not written this book in awhile cause everything I wrote would happen right away. It kind of freaked me out. But when I went to Australia and met the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. it asked me about this story and said I should start writing it again. OK, so where was I? There is a reason I refrain from talking about this in depth, cause so much comes out of me and now I cannot stop. It says when in the presence of star beings, fairies, or angels, one is in an altered state like a spell. The interesting thing about that is that all paranormal activity takes place when people are in the theta brain wave (I wrote a poem about this to called “Theta.”) Beta brain waves is what most linear, left-brain logical ones exist in a majority of the time. Delta is the brain wave state when we are sleeping, and alpha is where we go when we are in day dream or meditation. It helps you get into a no-thought state. like the monks knew in order for them to go into nirvana. It is a scientific fact that we learn more when we are not thinking, which is why I say "I´m a blonde, I don´t think, I exist in alpha" Now in between alpha and delta is theta This state is a lot like the twilight zone where no time and space exists or the laws are dispelled. This happens to us in the astral 4th dimension realm, as well, which I will get to later. It is in this altered state of mind where hypnosis is so effective and interactions with other worldly beings take place plus not to mention the missing time. This concludes Part 1. In unconditional love to you all. Thank-you for you being you, Jessica. .

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Producer: Jessica Schab, Vancouver, BC
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Posted by: iotemka on Dec 16, 2009

In this video i speak about the connection all these beings have and their similarities. What and who they are and how they relate and see each other.

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