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GlobalVoices Urdu Lingua Project! Pre-Launch intro

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We know the Importance of Urdu! Our Language is internationally acclaimed! Our Language is internationally Acclaimed! But the importance of Urdu is being ignored since a while But the tragedy is, It is difficult for our younger generation to speak up a sentence without mixing English in it An Example of how Pakistani Youth Speaks Another Example! (Notice she is mixing Urdu with English) We admit that knowing English is a need of today But to prefer some other language over your own, is against the principles of civilized societies. Basically, Urdu must be acknowledged as official Language The education should be based on it And jobs should also be provided If they don't do this, then the result will be the same Who is the younger generation? they are our own children They are reflecting the same environment what we are providing them. Whatever will be the environment, the generation will talk accordingly The language of the days of Delhi and Lakhnow, Forget that Now the sentence is half English and half Urdu So it is the result of social environment and atmosphere On the other hand, there are still some people in youth Who condemn this and acknowledge the importance of Urdu and they are doing efforts to promote it Enough steps are not being taken in order to promote Urdu, Our Institute Urdu Point has done a lot for past 6 years, to promote Urdu History is witnessed that alive nations use to be proud of their languages Therefor, Govt. officials should work to promote our language [background song] We still believe [background song] We still have faith [background song] The Spirit is Alive

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Duration: 2 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: Pakistan
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: Farhan Janjua
Director: Farhan Janjua
Views: 175
Posted by: aarpix on Sep 28, 2008

This is the pre-launch intro of upcoming Urdu version of Global Voices.

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