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In our discussion we had another question What makes parshat Pinchas so special? What does it have more than any other parshat? Besides the fact of the 'yud' being a small 'yud' in the name of Pinchas, and that being added to Pinchas, and so he survived, because of that 'yud' addition and the broken 'vav' in "shalom" Now, what made him so special? Why did he feel, without even asking Moses, - or he asks Moses, and Moses didn't have the answer for him right away and he said: "Tomorrow" "God says you will have an answer tomorrow" Pinchas did not wait until tomorrow. He took immediate action We are here to capture the spirit of Pinchas and for that Pinchas fills the entire role without question And there are other features in parshat Pinchas that made it special: all the holidays All the reading of the holidays comes from parshat Pinchas. All the readings, the Torah readings, that take place whether it be on Rosh Hashana, whether it be Yom Kippur, whether it be Sukkot whether it be Pessach, whether it even be Chanukah All those readings come from a special reading somewhere in Pinchas. All of them! Amazing! Was there a design to it? The answer is "Of course" Of course. If this is such a document, so spiritual that it existed before the creation of the world, and there are some that even say that through the Torah through the letters of the Torah the world and all that is included in this Universe is a result of the letters, the verbs, the vowels, the notes of parshat Pinchas. All fit the capacity and the ability to transmit the Lightforce of God towards its respective holiday. Because we have learned that holidays, from a kabbalistic point of view, is not merely a day of celebration It is one that carries with it the ability to have the Lightforce of God brought into our lives Although History has been a bad example of the influence of the Lightforce of God. One might ask "So why are things the way they are?" "Why aren't they better?" "Why so many wars, why so many killings? Why so many robberies? Why so many illnesses in the world?" In fact, for every illness that they find the cure, five diseases are discovered. So, we are losing the race in so far as medicine is concerned. Although, the medical establishment would like us to believe, - and maybe rightfully so, maybe they are not wrong - that God just didn't plant us here so he can mete out his suffering, or enjoy seeing the pain of human kind. That was never the intent of God, never the desire of God and the reason why he created the world, we have all learned in Kabbalah 1 and 2, what prompted God to do what He did? Was the Creation for Him or was it for the people? And the answer is "For both". Because only the people can make the Lightforce of God become manifested in this physical, terrestrial realm of Creation To convert physicality into a spiritual mode of existence is probably the most difficult task facing and faced the Creator. And all the righteous souls that were with HIm in determining how do we achieve in a physical environment, such as we live in and turn everything of a physical nature and that man, with his consciousness, can direct and act as a pilot in a plane Knowing when to go up or when to go down, when to go sideways, or simply when to return back because the plane might be headed for danger. This is what the purpose of Pinchas is To provide us with elevated consciouness and that is why there are so many tools presented in Pinchas. And that's why, in fact, Pinchas could feel so strong and undertake the task of slaying these two people. In fact, the Zohar says - and Talmud - that a Cohen that kills another individual becomes invalid to serve the priesthood. And yet, here we see Pinchas Not only he didn't become invalidated, or could not serve in the priesthood, but he was, in fact, honored with the High Priesthood Sounds so much of a contradiction But the world of Eitz HaDat, the world we live in, Tree of Knowledge reality, is a complete contradiction to the Eitz HaChayim, to the reality of Eitz HaChayim. It has no limitation of time, space and motion to begin with. And furthermore, the consciousnesses of man upon achieving a particular level can, in fact, direct all physicality. The nature of all physicality is what? Atoms Our minds can manipulate atoms whether it be a piece of wood, a piece of iron or even water. And incredible feat When Science does not even entertain this possibility let alone, how can it be achieved, there is no reason to think about it because it is not possible So believe the scientists. But the Zohar says otherwise. Totally controlling the physical nature to the extent that when Rabbi Shimon was taken and he resisted. Actually he resisted. And he refused to recognize the minister of Death as an entity.

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