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Heaven is for Real (2014)

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Mommy? Yes, Colton? Did you know I have a sister? You didn't know that Cassie's your sister? No, I have two sisters. You had a baby die in your tummy, didn't you? Honey, who told you I had a baby die in my tummy? In heaven, this little girl came up to me. She told me she died in your tummy. We need to get him into surgery, right away. The pain that I suffered watching my son that close to death... We're in trouble here. He's much worse. Would you call some friends and pray for him? The hospital staff said that your son was not expected to survive. Used the word "miracle." Your son had a near-death experience. He saw things that I can't really explain. I lifted up and I looked down and Mom was in one room and you were in another room yelling at God. He's been out there staring for hours. Is something wrong with Colton? Why do you say that? Sometimes he says weird things. (Colton) I've been here. I don't think we've been here before, pal. You had a grandpa named Puck, right? He died when I was about your age. He's very nice. You saw my grandfather? Where did you see him? In heaven. Is this him? Is this the man you saw? No. In heaven, everybody's young. Is this him? Yeah. That's him. That's Puck. Honey, did you punch a kid in the nose?! They were making fun of Colton. Is she gonna get a spanking? Heck, no! She's gonna teach you to hit without hurting your knuckles. I want to believe him, but everything he talks about is impossible! You saw heaven? What does it look like? It's beautiful. We all want to be supportive, but we can't have our town turn into a circus. They don't believe me, do they? Some people might be afraid to believe. Don't you think we need to be talking about this life? Do you think my son went to heaven? Fire! You don't have to worry. He told me everything was all right. He's making a difference. Haven't we already had a glimpse of something? The first cry of a baby? The courage of a friend? The love of a mother, a father. I see it, so I believe it. Do you? Captioning done by Evan Reynolds

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