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Thierry Mercier, CSC - Procurement trends

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Three aspects interest me upfront. First of all, the idea of risk, opportunity and responsibility in regard to procurement, which is a role that has only existed for a few years. The idea of risk because procurement is, today, addressing difficulties because it did not take into account the leverage or catalysts that are now emerging from the crisis nor the opportunities associated with sustainable development. It is quite important as new standards, laws and regulations are being imposed on all the actors of the company, and, in particular, on procurement, which must be capable of managing supplier risks. The idea of opportunity, which needs to be powerful so that procurement can develop today and can contribute to corporate operational efficiency. The second opportunity for procurement, through these new catalysts of sustainable development and supplier relationship management, is to gain market share internally to improve its expenditure coverage rate; an aspect that is, today, quite a prejudice for procurement. The third aspect is responsibility; responsibility of major groups to their suppliers; working hand-in-hand with them, assisting them and helping them reach maturity in sustainable development and in optimization. These two roundtables were of very high quality, comprising extremely mature, even the most mature on the market, procurement actors; who, in spite of everything, do not represent the heterogeneity of all the actors or of all the industrial networks of the tertiary sector in France today. Here we had a few precursors, people who are, locally-speaking, growth engines for this activity. I believe this is a good example for others, in terms of procurement management and supplier relationship management opening up. It was highly beneficial and probably the most beneficial aspect today from this roundtable.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 12, 2010

Thierry Mercier - CSC Director - is describing the 3 trends for the procurement departements : risks, opportunity and responsability. Also he's giving his feedback regarding the SRM Barometer debate

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