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How to Use Google Documents : Spreadsheet Toolbar in Google Documents

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MAN: So now, I'm going to show you the Google Spreadsheet in Google Docs. And this is basically like Microsoft Excel. So if I just go to New and then Spreadsheet, here you go. I have a brand new spreadsheet. And the first thing I want to talk about is the Edit toolbar which is your very basic toolbar right here. So I'll just type in some texts, and then you can see you've got Undo and Redo and then you've got Cut, Copy, Paste. And then if you click on it, you have a couple of options here. You can just choose regular Paste. You can paste just the values, or you can just paste only your formatting. And then speaking of formatting, you go right here, here are all your format options. You have Normal. You have just a regular number rounded, two decimals, financial rounded, financial with decimals, currency rounded, currency with decimals. And then if you need to use a foreign currency, you have all these options right here. You have percent rounded and a percent with decimals. And then you have your date options, you have time options, and you have date and time. And there are actually a ton of date options right here if you scroll over the More formats so you can pick out whatever kind of date option you like. And then there's the Plain text view. And if you want to apply any of these formatting to a particular amount, you can select all by clicking the corner or you can just select the number of columns or number of rows and then apply formatting to it, and that's how you would apply formatting to a large number of cells. Our next options are pretty simple. It's pretty similar to the documents at a toolbar. There's the Bold, Italic, Underline and you have a Strikeout; you can see it right there. You can change the font to any of these fonts right here. You can change the text size from 6 all the way up to 36. You can change text color. You have these options right here. And you can actually change the text color with rules, which I'll talk about later. You can change the background color of a cell. You can change the outline of a cell. You can see if you got a line around it, a line to the--across like, to the middle, all highlighted or none from the right, left, bottom or top. And just like the formatting, if I want to apply any of these to multiple cells, I would just select it as multiple cells and then go up here and select this. And if I ever wanted to clear formatting, that little T with the X is always what clears formatting in Google Docs. And then your next option is pretty standard, just the alignment right here. You could see right there. And that's pretty much the Edit toolbar. I'll be talking about these other options in some other clips. The one more thing I do want to talk about is the Wrap Text option. When you're writing, you want the cell to--I guess the row to get longer so that it can include all the text that you write. You can see how it automatically made it longer where if I took Wrap Text off, it would cut it off. But I could also just make the cell longer. So it's up to you. So those are just--that's the very basic Edit toolbar, just some very basic functionality that you would expect on any spreadsheet program.

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Using the spreadsheet toolbar in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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