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Mid-July 2018 Brochure (V1French Version)

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Hey, y'all. It's me, Cheryl. And are you ready to see your Mid-July Brochure? Are you ready to have bright gear for a brand new school year? But before we go there, ya'll, don't forget, your Treasures of the Sea Picnic Set, your exclusive host-guest special it continues and the dating gift, guys. It matches your host-guest special. And you know everybody needs more than one of these amazing market totes. So one for just letting you walk through the front door, your host can then get a second one when they have 10 or more guests at the party, a third one when they have $100 or more and paid outside orders and one more bag, guys, when there's a dating waiting for you before you walk into the door. So the hosts have the opportunity to get four market tote bags and they can qualify for this amazing $600 and 2 datings in the U.S., $700 and 2 datings in Canada, Treasures of the Sea Picnic Set, guys. And I love this because all the Tupperware that you see in this picture, guys, it fits inside your picnic bag except for your large jumbo tote with the handle. So guess what, guys? One hand for the picnic bag, one hand for the canister, and you're ready to go have a picnic. Okay, y'all, so now you know why your hosts are gonna wanna host a party, but why are their friends gonna wanna come to a party. Well, you know what, ya'll, we have the case for a zero waste and that is these sets that you see right in front of me. And the cool thing about these, guys, is your customers can buy them in sets of five individually or they can do the gotta have it all set and save more money. So what are in these sets, guys? Well, first of all, you're going to get our lunch it containers. And the great thing about the lunch it containers is you can put a half a sandwich in here, peanut butter and jelly, half a pita bread, you can do have a hoagie inside here, a wrap inside here, you can put some cheese in here, you can put some carrots and hummus, lots of fun things you can do in your lunch it containers. And ya'll know we have not had these last year, we haven't had these since summer before last, so they're a big hit with our customers. And then they're also gonna get, guys, are two cup large big wonders, right? And this is perfect size. If they want to take lots of fruit with them, guys. And remember, in the Tupperware, when the seal is round, it's airtight and liquid tight, so you can put apple sauce in here and put it on its side and it's not gonna leak out. And then you're also gonna get, guys, our snack cup, okay. You're gonna get a set of five. Now once again, they can buy these individually in the set of five or they can buy the entire set, you want to sell the entire set. The nice thing about our snack cups, guys, is this is perfect for your cheeses, for your grapes, for your blueberries, or raspberries, any of those smaller foods that you want to put in a smaller container. The half snack cup. I love this shell. It's the bomb. So once again, you can put hummus inside here, you can put a little bit of honey inside here, you can put peanut butter inside here, right? So peanut butter goes right in here and then you got your Apples in here. What a great healthy snack? And then, of course, you got to have a drink, guys. So our 10.5 tumblers with the flip top seals, this is also you can buy a set of five or get it in the gotta have it all set. So you know what, ya'll, you wanna make mom or dad's life easier as you're packing lunches with the school year, but what about summer camp 'cause we still have summer camp going on. It's just the middle of July. These also make a great set. The kids can make their own snacks to take to summer camp. And you could do a camp Tupperware, Tupperware party where the moms and the kids could come. And you know what, guys? They could then make up their own snacks. So instead of going to the store and spending money on things like this, ya'll can see that. There's a grapes in here, cheese in here, and it looks like salami and Apple slices are in here, or they wanna get you with the protein snacks, so you got cheese inside here, you got nuts in here, you got ham in here, and it looks like raisins. I don't know how long this ham has been in here, guys. You know, I'd rather have it fresh, or look how cute. It's Disney, but you know what, ya'll, you can save a lot of money by purchasing this entire set and teaching your customers, your moms, your dads that they can make their own big tote boxes, they can take their snacks with them. So it's a fun Tupperware party, guys, and it's a must have getting ready for the school year. But you know what, ya'll, when your customers purchase this entire gotta have it all set, not only are they gonna save more money, it also entitles them to purchase something for mom, and that is our Treasure of the Sea Lunch Bag, and it comes with our sandwich keeper and the exclusive three-cup flat out, ya'll. And I love this because you can put your salad inside here, put it inside your lunch bag, guys, and then when fat, not when salad's over, but when lunch is over and the salad has gone, look, how cool this is, guys. You just simply flatten it up, okay, all the way down, put the seal on here, drop it in your bag, go back in your lunch bag. Walla, you're good to go. Come home, peel the seal, put it on the top rack of the dishwasher and you can put it in your dishwasher just like this. So you know what, ya'll, it's gonna save money 'cause you won't be taking your lunch out and neither will your customers, but it's also a great buy. So when they purchase this entire set, it qualifies them for this amazing Treasure of the Sea Lunch Bag, guys. And, you know, you wanna upsell at your Tupperware parties because you'll make more money, but I've got more for you. Okay, guys, but the saving is continued, but before I go there I have to share it with you how you're going to have the most amazing parties using your Mid-July Brochure. So you're gonna start with each one of your customers that when they buy this case for the zero waste, right? Everybody needs this entire set, ya'll, that is a $75 order in the US, $95 in Canada, that entitles them to add-on their lunch bag, guy. So that becomes $100 order in the US and a $125 order in Canada. But we also have, guys, we have a two for sale. And you know what, ya'll, you have not one, but two, we get the double on our banana keepers and not one but two of our Treasure of the Sea water bottle. And look, ya'll, look how nice it matches. Your lunch bag, guys, and not one, but two of your side by side containers. So what ya'll can do is you can take this, put this entire set with your lunch bag, guys, and then you can split this up with your customers. So are you ready? This is what it would look like. So the customer we get all of this, the zero waste set, the lunch bag, guys, and then they would get one banana keeper, they got to have these, guys. And you know what, 'cause it really does protect the banana and it's also nice 'cause you can literally make banana splits right inside here. How fun is that, ya'll. So they're each gonna get a banana split container, they're also gonna get their Treasure of the Sea Water Bottle, and they're each going to get one of our side by side containers. All of that in the US, guys, it's only $118 and in Canada, ya'll, it's only $149. You know what, guys, that's going to be an amazing Tupperware party for you. It helps your host get up to the level to qualify for their host gift special, and it also puts more money in your pocket, and everybody needs all of this. This is 31-piece of the Tupperware, ya'll, for your customer for only $118 in the US and for $149 in Canada. And I have a secret for you, so come close. Are you ready? Okay, bananas are great for that, water is perfect for that 'cause you wanna stay hydrated, okay. And these little side by sides, yeah, they're great for the cheese, they're great for your doubled eggs, they're great for your grapes, they're great for your nuts, but you know what else you can do with them, guys, okay, and nobody knows they're in here when you have the dark blue one is, look at all of those M&Ms! Okay, so this is your own personal stash, so you can say that to your customers too 'cause who doesn't need M&Ms during the summer time. So you know what, ya'll, put all of this together, make more money, help your host qualify for their host-guest special. But there's more on sale, ya'll. Okay, ya'll, shoot doggy. I forgot to tell you two really important things. First of all, these colors you might be thinking shoot doggy, Cheryl, that's not the colors, it's in the brochure, and you're right. So these are the right sizes, wrong colors. Okay, guys, right sizes, wrong colors. The color's your, customers, and you will receive are the ones that are in the brochure. And we also have this really great brochure support and it's called five days a week meal plan. So you know what, guys, it gives you different ideas that you can share at your Tupperware parties on what to use each one of these containers for. And you'll be able to find this on your Sales Force website under Party Prep, Recruit, and then it'll be under the Mid-July Brochure, guys. Okay, so make sure you're checking this out, printing it, and taking it to your Tupperware parties. All right, ya'll? So now are you ready to see what else is on sale? Say, yes, say sí, say oui. Okay, ya'll, and also in this brochure, we have a callback too. Your full-line summer catalog and that is when your customers purchase a set of our mini cereal bowls. How cute are these. These are the perfect size, guys, for your Advil, for your Tylenol, for your vitamins, for your five peanut M&Ms fit inside here, cotton balls for your perfume. Ya'll have to have these. A donation is made to the Boys and Girls Club. And we also have the junior cereal store. I love this one, guys. When they purchase this, an extra donation is made. So make sure you're checking out your brochure and or your catalog. Okay, ya'll, are you ready to help your customers get energized in the morning? Well, you know what, Tupperware can do that, starting with our jump start set, guys, which includes a set of four of our microwave cereal bowls. So remember, guys, tell your customers that the bowls are reheatable, but the seals are not. And you wanna reheat it 50% power. And it also comes with the set of our 11 ounce impression tumblers. Now this is the right size, wrong color. Okay, guys, and I love these because they have the dripless seal on here. So put some water in here, turn it upside down and nothing comes out and tell you put a straw inside and everything is dishwasher safe. And we also are gonna have a set of four of our small reheatable plates. Once again, reheatable it 50% power. And you know what, ya'll, this entire set is our jump start set, guys. So we're gonna build your good, better, best sets. So this is your good set. Okay, guys. Then you can add-on to make it better or keep it crunchy set, guys. And you know these are customer's favorites because it is our regular cereal store and our super cereal store. Once again, right size, wrong colors! But you know what, ya'll, these are the bombs. So this becomes your good, this becomes your better set, ya'll, and then to make it a best set, you can add in our junior cereal store. So now they have all three sizes of our cereal stores. So this right here is perfect for your grape nuts. It's also nice for any of that baby cereal, guys, fits perfect inside here. This is going to hold your 11 or 12 ounce box of cereal right inside here and then our super cereal, guys, this will hold your 15 ounce box of cereal, so your customers are gonna want these. They truly are a fan favorite. So you've got your good set, you've got your better set, and adding this now becomes your best set, plus a donation is going back to the Tupperware Foundation Boys and Girls Club. How awesome is that. But you know what, ya'll, I also have another party thing for you, so as you're doing your camp Tupperware parties this summer, and that's where you're inviting the moms and the kids to come to the party together. We have this really fun recipe, guys. It's our strawberry smoothie bowl. So you can use your say yes offer, right, for the next two weeks, which is your sorbet maker, so now your customers can take advantage of this when they say yes to the Tupperware opportunity for a small co-pay, and you can take yours to your Tupperware parties. Do your camp Tupperware make this really fun? Strawberry sorbet dessert, guys. And you can serve it right inside your cereal bowl. So now your customers are or you could serve it inside your tumblers, guys. And you know what, so great about this as you can add fun toppings on top of it, whether you're adding some fresh fruit or you're adding a little bit of whipped cream 'cause everything goes better with whipped cream or you're making it super healthy, guy, and you're adding some cashews or some macadamia nuts on top of it, too. So fun idea, make sure you're checking out your Sales Force website under Party Prep, Recruiting and under the Mid-July Brochure, it's where you're going to find this strawberry sorbet smoothie bowl, guys. So have fun dating lots of camp Tupperware, Tupperware parties this summer. Okay, ya'll, and I'm super excited 'cause you have three weeks of this amazing tear-off, and we have modular mate ovals and square on sale. When your customers purchase them individually they're 30% off. When they purchase the set, it's 40% off. Ya'll, this is a great time to call back all of those customers that purchase modular mate ovals and squares back in January when we had them on sale, because you know what, guys, as you're getting ready to head back into school year you need those snacks and Tupperware make some stack using our modular mates, guys. And they're on sale for the next three weeks during our tear-off which starts on July 14th and it ends on July 27th. But you know what, ya'll? We also have on the very back of your brochure, our attendants offer, and I love it! Are you ready to see it? All right, ya'll, I forgot! Because we have exclusive to your tear-off. You have your buy one get one of your Oval Pour-All Seals, guys. And I promise you your customers are gonna thank you when you actually add that to their orders, guys, 'cause they come with the flat sales, but everybody needs the Pour-All Seals. And they need more than just one set. So it's buy one get one, ya'll, on your tear-off. And here's why they need it. If they're gonna be using their ovals for their pasta, they need a Pour-All Seal. If they're using it for their beans, they need a Pour-All Seal. If they're using it for their lentils, they need a Pour-All Seal. If they're using it, guys, for cereal, they need a Pour-All Seal. And you know what, guys, if they're using it for M&Ms, they need a Pour-All Seal. So make sure that you're upselling all of your customers with the buy one get one on our Pour-All Seal. And the great news is they come in either the Popsicle and or the black collar, guys, so check out your brochure for all the details. Okay, ya'll, so we also have an amazing attendance offer. It's our keep tabs set and that attendance offer is limited to your customers when they come to a party, place an order, they get a really good deal. Limit one, and it is our three-piece keep tabs set. And guess what, ya'll, it's the right size, but it is the wrong color! I know! But you know what, ya'll, the functionality is still the bomb. It's the 2-cup, the 5-cup and the 10.5-cup. And I'm just gonna show you lots of different ways that you can showcase these at your Tupperware parties 'cause everybody needs at least one set of these. And the great thing is, guys, your customers can come back and see you again because this brochure is a five-week brochure, so they can come back and see you twice, three times, and every time they do that they can purchase another set of the keep tab. So let me show you what you can do with them. So now you've got your little coffee on the go, so let's say you're gonna go camping, let's say you're gonna go to a hotel and you like your own sugar, you like your own coffee creamer so you can put it right here in the small one, guys. I've got your cream right here. I hate package creamer. So I would carry this. I've got my own. I don't do so sugar, but my husband does sugar in the raw, so you can take your own 'cause most hotels don't have that. And if you're gonna go camping, if you like to have tea at night, guy, you can take your own tea bags with you and all of these fits in its perfect size whether you're camping for over the weekend or you're gonna be gone to a hotel for three to five days. And the second one, guy, it's a party in a box. So you know what, guys, you're having that birthday party, you know, like shoot doggy, I need balloons. Where are the candles? So you know what, guys, you can put it all inside here. I've got candles in here, I've got balloons in here, I got front stickers inside here, I got party bags inside here, I even got bigger balloons in here, and I got noisemakers. It's a party in a box. So you know what, guys, everything fits inside here. So now you're not looking for that where is everything. So now you've got your party in a box. And you know what, guys? I love this one because your napkins, how many times do you go when you buy those really nice lunch and napkin safe and you open up the bag but you don't use them all, they fit right inside here. Look at that, ya'll, how great is that. And then did ya'll know that your little cocktail or your beverage napkins, they fit perfect right inside here. I know! And I haven't opened these because it's the best day ever! And that's how I feel when I'm with ya'll. So but now let me show you some other ways that you can use or keep tabs. Okay, ya'll, here's some other uses for your large. I mean, oh, my stars and garters, ya'll, we have more cores and we know what to do with, and they're everywhere. So put them right inside your 10.5 cup. This is your large one, guys. I literally look what I have in here, okay. So I've got headphones, okay, I have a charger that goes to something who knows what, okay, and then here's my charger for my laptop, here's my ear thing that I wear on TupperLive, but sometimes if people have ear buds, you put them inside here, here's my charger that goes to my computer, okay, but then you also have your insert, right? So if you wanna do your phone, here's another set of your buds and here's the container they're supposed to go in, but if you can get these back in here, you're better than me. So just put it all inside here, guys, and then all of that stuff, okay, is in one place and you only have to seal it up and it's all contained. I love it. Okay, guys. And then you know what, ya'll, are you running around trying to find Thank You cards, guess what? You can put three sets of Thank You cards right inside here, guys. They all fit. So how great is that. So you got the envelops, the Thank You cards, you can put your stamps, your little labels on the back. Man, you're good to go. Everything in one place, guys. And then I don't know about, ya'll, but we'd still need a sewing kit once in a while. I have to tell, ya'll, are you ready for a secret? I love that, iron-on tape, it's the bomb, but my husband knows how to sew on a button. So everybody needs a sewing kit. So you put it all inside here, otherwise, you're looking for the thread, you're looking for the needle, you're looking for the whatever you use when you sew, and you can put it all inside here. And I love this, guys. Can I tell you how many times I've used this? Okay, 'cause I wanna measure something. I don't have a ruler or yardstick, but voilà! It fits perfect right inside here. So now you've got your own little sewing kit. That's another way that you can use your keep tabs, but I got more! Okay, ya'll, here's some more idea. So once again, if you're traveling, you're gonna be gone, camping, heading out to class, going back to school, whatever, the large one, guys, it's great for your bars so you can put your bars inside here or if you're gonna be camping or having lots of cookouts outside and you're using plastic utensils, guys, they fit inside here. And I have to tell you, I save them, I wash them, and reuse them, guys. Okay, so you can put those in there. And for your own personal U-Shell, look, it's the bomb for all your key chains so that it fits perfect in the medium one. And then this one is kind of like your desk organizer. I have rubber bands in here, I have paper clips, I have my original paper. I mean, pencil, sharpener, the stapler getter, outer, and you also have your USB drive all inside here, guys, okay. So everything has a home and you know where it goes. But guess what, I have another idea for, ya'll, so hang with me, I'll be right back. Okay, ya'll, and I have another idea for you. And this would be something. You'll be so great that you could do with your children, going back to school. This could be a teacher gift on the first day at school. So you get the set of the keep tabs, guys, and then you fill them up with teacher's supplies. I know my daughter's a school teacher and she always appreciates when moms bring in extra supplies for the kids. So just to give you a couple of ideas, Amber always had a little treasure box. This could be a treasure box, guys, and you could fill it up with little treasures that the kids can then pick out of, however, the teacher works the treasure box, okay. So fill it up with treasures, guys. This one right here, it's great for all of your markers and this size right here is awesome for all of the crayons. And you know what, guys, every teacher's gonna appreciate that. Another idea is you could do this into a craft box for the teachers and doing foam sticks and doing glue sticks and things like that inside here, pins all fit inside here. For older kids, guys, this one right here... Well, I have to tell you. This one right here every teacher's gonna need some M&Ms! Okay, so this is the perfect size for teachers for the M&Ms. And then this one, guys, you know, a lot of teachers use stickers, so put the stickers inside here or if they do the stamp, you can put a stamp in here. I actually have some little push pins inside here for like the bulletin boards, we got some sticky notes inside here, so all those little things that the teacher needs. So this will make a great teacher's gift on the first day back to school, guys. So you know what, have fun making up some great ideas for your keep tabs, for your customers at your Tupperware parties. But we're not done because we also have an amazing Sales Force member that we're showcasing in this brochure. So, ya'll, we are featuring Amy Gardner, she's a director from Champion Sales. And make sure that you're using part of Amy's story to help tell your iStory at your Tupperware parties. Amy said yes to the Tupper opportunity because she sell Tupperware at a Home Expo. She got invited to a Sales Force meeting, and Walla, several years later, Amy has become a director and experiencing all of the great things that Tupperware has to offer. So make sure you're telling your iStory at all of your Tupperware parties. And until I see you next month, stay cool, and remember, think big, start small, but make sure you go out and party now. I'll see ya'll.

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Mid-July 2018 Brochure (V1French Version)

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