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The Poor Prince

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"The Poor Prince"- Based on an Italian legend. Once upon a time, there was a prince who lived by himself in a small fort. And his lonely life was unbearably dreadful. The prince thought he should search for a wife, so his life won't be so lonely anymore. There was a big palace near the fort of the young prince, where there lived a beautiful princess. The princess lived there with the king, the queen, and their retinue. And this princess was a very smart and charming girl. She was very witty and lively, with the energy of a young boy. Now, my child, you should behave yourself at tonight's party. There will be very important guests there. There will be royalty from all countries, and we don't know who is going to fall in love with you, my dear daughter. You mean who am I going to fall in love with, right? Because I'm the one who's going to choose, not them. Excuse me? You've already returned to your bad habits. Very well. All I want is for you to choose the right guy. It's the princess! It's the beautiful princess from the giant palace! Wow, what a beauty! I will wait for her to return. She's taking long. Due to the strains of exhaustion and waiting, the prince fell asleep on the facade of his humble abode. Did you find a suitable groom, my daughter? No. None of them will do. They are only rich in wealth. I swear! Nonsense! Why do you say such things? Who's that? He is the prince of the small fort. Maybe he couldn't find a place to sleep. Indeed. Perhaps this was the only place he found. Wow, he's so handsome! I must ask for her hand in marriage. But the prince's wealth consisted of only a singing bird and a rose. Oh, your Majesty, I ask for your permission to marry your daughter. You're the prince of the small fort, aren't you? Did you bring a suitable gift? Yes, this is my gift! A rose? What is it's value? But its a special kind of rose, which only blossoms every 5 years. It's beautiful and its existence is rare throughout the kingdom! Please smell it! Isn't its scent so beautiful? It'll make you forget all your worries, and you'll be overwhelmed with joy. Who told you we complain of worries and fatigue?! Take this back! You want to meet the princess with only a small rose like this?! Get out of here! I will never give up. Please, your highness, allow me to marry your daughter. Did you bring a suitable gift? Here you go, this is it. What?! Only this small bird? But he is a singing bird. And his voice is beautiful! Get out! Listen his songs! Go back to your fort! I don't like birds at all! But, your highness, I brought this for your daughter, not for you. Silence! The princess is my daughter. And she likes what her mother likes. Bring some jewelry and gold, and not this ordinary stuff. Understood? Get out of here. Get out! The poor prince returned to his fort disappointed. I will never give up! If you allow me to serve you in your palace, I will do anything! Why the insistence? We have a lot of servants! Wait! Okay, okay. We actually have a lot of dirty animals that no one wants to take care of. I think this is the perfect job for you! I appoint you as the new caretaker. Thank you! Thank you very much, oh you kind soul. The prince was very qualified for this type of work, and he did his job very well. And in his spare time, he would create flower vases, encircled with bells, that play a beautiful tune once touched. Finally, its finished. What's that noise? This melody is wonderful! Listen! I like this music a lot! It's coming from the animal stable! Go take a look. Yes, my princess. I bet it's the new caretaker! His behavior is strange. This music is beautiful. I found out that it's the new caretaker. What musical instrument is he playing? It's not an instrument. It's only a flower vase. A vase? Yes. It's a unique flower vase that makes music when you touch it. I must have it! Ask him how much its worth. Ask him now! Yes, my princess! I want it! How much does he want for it? Oh, my dear, it was such an odd situation. He's very disrespectful. What does he want? When he found out that you wanted to buy the flower vase, he refused to sell it for money. And after that, I asked him what he wanted then. Oh, my dear, I can't say, I can't say! Tell me! I will tell you then. He wants you to kiss him 10 times in exchange for the flower vase! He wants what?! And he doesn't think it's worth anything else! Impossible! I don't want to buy it. Come on! Let's go. Actually, go bring the caretaker here! But, my princess, what did I tell you! Listen, my servants. I have a good idea. I will try convince the caretaker to trade. My princess, I brought the caretaker with me. Listen, Mr. Caretaker, what do you think about 10 pieces of gold, in exchange for the flower vase? Please accept. Please accept! (in unison) Please accept! I'll raise it by however much you want! What are your opinions, my attendants? I refuse. I want 10 kisses, and I won't accept anything else, even if you gave me one thousand pieces of gold. I swear! Ugh, you're so stubborn! Fine then. I will give you what you want. Come on, surround us, so that no one will see us. You stubborn caretaker! Listen to me, my servants. I will permit the farmer to kiss me. And it's your job to accept it. Now then. Come on, caretaker. And the princess gave him 10 kisses in exchange for the vase. Oh, it seems like it's going to rain. Call the princess so she doesn't get wet. She's in the stable What's happening there?! And then the king and the queen saw the caretaker kissing the princess. They were surprised and went to go take control of the situation. What's this?! Come on, move it. And the rain washed away the dirt, so the princess was able to see that the caretaker was actually the poor prince. It's you! Indeed! I am the poor prince of the fort that neighbors the princess's palace. I will ask for your hand one more time: will you marry me? Yes, I will marry you, my caretaker. Oh prince, I do! What am I hearing?! Impossible! Why? He possesses a sweet heart, full of kindness. He's a talented musician. See what he created? And he's also a hard worker. These are the reasons why I like him. He's going to make me very happy. I'm certain about this. Yes! He's very useful, my superiors. After all this, the king finally approved of the prince and the princess's marriage. And that's how the poor prince's wish came true. And they lived happily ever after. The End.

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Posted by: vyounan22 on Mar 9, 2014

An short love story in Arabic with English subtitles.

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