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How to use the colour wheel

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This is a sessions video tutorial: Using the Colour Wheel. The colour wheel provides an excellent system for understanding colour relationships and creating effective colour schemes. Let's look at how to use geometric shapes and the colour wheel to create harmonies. And equilater triangle has sides up the same lenght and can be rotated around the interior of the circle to form triads of colour. The primary triad of red, yellow and blue is the most basic but there are plenty of others to choose from, and our first triangle create a split compliment harmony, it´s form by first picking two complementary colors like yellow and violet in this example. One compliment is used in harmony, in this case yellow an the two adjacent tertiary colours of the other complementary finish it off. Sometimes you need a colour scheme with more than the usual two or three colours. A rectangle gives you four colours and create a harmonious relationship because it uses the adjacent tertiary colors of any complementary pair. Squares have a similar result combining a pair of complementary colours with a pair of tertiary compliments, This shape within the colour wheel gives you lots of options but there are other ways to make effective color schemes. The analogous colour scheme is a classic its form by a set of three colours adjacent on the Colour Wheel. This design uses an analogous scheme that gives it a smooth rich feel it doesn´t have lot of visual contrast but it´s very pleasing to the Eye. The complementary colour scheme contain any two colours that are directly opposite one another on the Colour Wheel. They work weel because they contain all three elements of the primary triad. This design uses a complementary colour palette, it had lots of visual contrast and pop, these colours and combination practically vibrate. With all these possibilities for colour scheme how do you choose just one let´s try it with the client called the Color Channel, they need a colour scheme for their new business and we´ll try to arrange with harmonies. I´ll start with an analogous scheme sender on green, I like how these colours blend together but this combination doesn´t have much visual pop. Next I´ll try a complementary scheme using orange and blue, it´s only two colours but look at all that contrast. For another eye-catching scheme I'll choose a triad using an equilateral triangle, this one has the primaries and gives me a brighten simple look, there´s something about using primary colours that makes the palette look almost Childlike. And I thought this triangle gives me a split compliments pair a different look from my equilateral triad and offers a slightly more nuanced colour harmony with the two colours at the base being almost analogous and blending together. Finally for four colour scheme I´m going to go with a rectangle in the Colour Wheel, they give me yellow-orange, yellow-green, red-violet and blue-violet. These are just a few of the many colour scheme possibilities we get from the Colour Wheel.

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Posted by: iolandarodriguezflores on Apr 6, 2014

Very interesting video about how to use the colour wheel in our designs.

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