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6 Cs: Learning new skills and resources for your role - Gaby Nieto

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly. ... This is LEAD Weekly, practical tips to help you grow as a leader. We are in the 6 Cs of leadership series, exploring the skills you identified in the staff survey. Today you will hear from Gaby in Mazatlan. She's been on staff for almost 4 years serving as an academic coordinator and now overseeing the Pacific Christian Academy. She is going to talk you about what it looks like to regularly use time to learn new methods and resources for mastering the skills in your role. --------------------- It's super important as a skill that we develop we can have experience, knowledge and above all goals successfully. When you and I see a child I think you want the child to be successful in all areas of his life and that is why you start making plans for him. And you start to see how you can develop it I think in the way that you and I we can learn this skill. As I learned it, I was observing the need of the child seeing that in the educational area there was a lot more than we could do for him, than we were even doing So we started to make an action plan and we use the SMART tool It is a tool where it helps us to understand that it has to be a specific, measurable goal achievable, on time and meet an action plan. And then we start planning the story And now you and I can know like PCA, and in this story it's a educational center that we work the 5 areas for the boys and we have seen that they have been able to develop all your goals successfully in the educational area. Where there were children who could not read Now they are reading, where there were children who did not have high school academic level now they're having it So we can finish the year and see that there has been success in that area. And I want to give you 3 tips. And one is: Seek God's direction. The moment you are changing something, you should always look for what is best for the child And the best way we can do it is by looking for our God. The second is: Don't focus so much on the problem but to look for a solution so when you and I are having more energy in looking for the solution we start to develop the changes and see if they are achievable goals or not. And see them measurable if they are one, two or three months according to the child's need And if you need to make a change immediately you can do it. And number 3: keep learning. I think that like leaders we need to continue learning every single thing we need to grow. Because none of us know everything so we need to keep learning. So this is what I would like to share about the competition and well blessings.

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