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Kai Liu - Anren, China - Sichuan (Global Lives Project, 2008) ~16:32:04 - 16:47:05

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Weigh the lettuce. How come some of the asparagus lettuce is so small? This is opened? -So your production is a bit higher? -No, not too. And in the summer and winter then? When we pull something out, we plant something back in. C'mon, big sister, hurry up a bit. Weigh the asparagus lettuce a bit. I'm going to leave with them. I'll come back tomorrow. Tomorrow morning at 7. Come back and take a look. Come and hurry up, it's almost 6 and time to get off work. The most important thing is to take the yellow leaves off here. Ok? I see I see. Take off those yellow leaves. See, just like this. Don't rush just yet. Let me call them and ask exactly how many half-kilos they want. Just a few hundred. He's filming me. What about Chinese cabbage? 10 half-kilos. It's not measured yet. Okay. Call out for some help? Quick, quick, eh. What about your pedicab? You can just take that. I came on a bicycle. Big sister, help use the string to bundle it together. Pull off the leaves. Good evening! Time to wash -- so sweaty! What? It's so hot, right? Well these late summer days are the most humid. What I mean is, just bundle them together. Basically, center the heavy part in the part that you grasp. This is just having it bundled together. Don't pick the small asparagus lettuce. -Is this asparagus lettuce good? -Very good. The lettuce smells clean and sweet. It just smells right, no? Clean off the mud a bit, too. Some of these are still small. No, just a little bit young. What are you saying? That I'm trying to cheat you for a two or three yuan?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: China
Language: Yi, Sichuan
Producer: Ya-Hsuan Huang, Yi Han
Director: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Views: 85
Posted by: glm_yh on Jan 5, 2010


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