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Aurdery Hapbum back from AfterLife/Death, teach you: deal with Family and Friends 1/2

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Friends and Family 1 - Audrey Hepburn Hi! this is Audrey Hepburn and, I'm here to communicate, about Family and friends it is, not to 'misinterpreted' the experience, that, you will be 'having' with regards to family and friends within and as 'your process' Please! we're not saying Throw out your family or, isolate yourself from your family never speak to your family again turn your backs on your family - No! not at all Understand, that this process is about 'who you are', within and as 'you' it has 'nothing' to do, towards your family, and 'friends' it is about 'self', assisting and supporting 'self' within self-honesty - as all as one as equal as Life to realize, 'who we really are', and! the 'greatest opportunity' in assisting and supporting self, in self-honesty, is with family and friends to see 'who I am' and 'realize' that self-honesty, is not about self-honesty 'towards' someone or something else 'No'! self-honesty is about 'self' being self-honest with 'me'! Here! in every single moment, of and as 'breathe' therefore, it is not to throw out your family it is not to turn your 'backs', onto your family it is not to walk out the door and isolate yourself from your family, and the same goes with friends Realize that, within this process, it's not to speak to anyone, or anything 'about something', it is to be, self-honest with 'me', in every moment of breathe, while and when, I am, in the presence of family and friends and understand that within the first, few months, or even year, depending on the self-discipline, and specificity within and as your application 'only then', you will start, communicating and 'sharing - self' You! 'who I am', within and as self-honesty, self expressing 'you' 'one and equal', no matter with who you are or where you are in other words when someone, for instance a family member or friend, comes up to you and says to you: You have changed. What has Happened? Please. Share with me I noticed the 'change' within you, and I would also want to 'understand', how it is, that you're experiencing and expressing you in such a way so that I'm able to do it, for me as well when you hear, those words 'then' 'you' assist and support the being as you, and sharing 'your experience of you' your 'process' of changing and transforming who I am, in living self-honesty because at the moment we're noticing some beings, are wanting 'to tell something' some beings are wanting to 'give advice', some beings are wanted to talk at some beings are wanting to talk 'about something', and existing within a perception that, self-honesty existed, being self-honest towards something or someone outside of you when it's "not about that" in anyway whatsoever 'only when you are asked', when you're asked: How did you change? that which you're experiencing within you, how did you, and are you expressing that? because I am noticing and within you and wow! I'll, I would like to experience and express me as that 'as well' you know when that comes, that's when another being 'opens up' because You've Lived the example, as who you're in self-honesty, so beings that are within and as this process Do Not 'talk' or 'tell' about something, do not "give advice" because it's not about telling, and it's not about giving advice it's about first "making sure" that you have 'prove' to you yourself, that you live self-honesty for and as you 'Here in every moment of breathe' only then, when you're certain that you're actually living self-honesty as you "here", in self-expression, and you'll Know! when you live self-honesty in self-expression as you when a beings comes up to you and says to you: You have changed. How did you 'do this'? because what you're experiencing and expressing within you has opened up something 'within me', Please share with me and then what you'll do is your share your individual 'process' you're not "tell them something", you're not just give them "knowledge and information" you're not just giving them "advice" you will "show them", through you sharing your process how they're able to assist and support themselves as 'you have' assisted and supported yourself, to actually 'living' and expressing self-honesty as you, so for the moment within participating within family and friends first, observe and assist and support you 'within yourself' until you actually 'live', self-honesty in self-expression as you, in every single moment to make sure that, you do not, now only, throw out your family isolate yourself from your family and friends, hide yourself into a cave, into a corner it's not about that it's 'firstly' about establishing self-honesty within and as you, 'amongst' family and friends and realize it's about, "within you, and as you" first observe yourself within you, observe your thoughts your reactions towards family and friends, within yourself, apply self-forgiveness that is self-honesty within yourself you being self-honest when you, experience a reaction towards family and friends you 'immediately' stop that reaction within yourself, and you apply self-forgiveness until, you amongst your family and friends have 'no reactions' whatsoever, 'no movements' whatsoever and stand within you, absolutely in self-honesty when, you're within their presence, and then when they "started asking you questions" when, they noticed the change within you as 'who you are in self-honesty' by your mere 'presence'! by your mere example of how you 'speak', of, how you express yourself of how you 'move' of how you communicate, when you're within their presence, 'then you share your process' then you share your 'experience' then it's not a "telling", it's not a giving "advice" not a giving of knowledge and information it's about you expressang- expressing and sharing, your process and your experience of you so please. first self, first me self I, when you're in the presence of family and friends First assist and support you and making sure you don't "react" or have any "movements" of mind within and as you, that's the first step until there's "no more reactions", or movements within and as you and only when asked, then you speak, and express and share - yourself so therefore I say 'family and friends', are the greatest opportunity to assist and support you 'within' your 'self', with self-honesty not self-honesty towards something or someone outside of you, No it's self being self-honest within and as 'me here', assisting and supporting 'me' within and as my individual process Alright! thank you very much, this Audrey Hepbum CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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