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Toyota Recall: More Than 1 Million Corolla, Lexus Vehicles

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Toyota is experiencing another case of Total Recall - right after the company re-claimed the crown of the world’s biggest carmaker. The company is recalling more than 900,000 Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles worldwide. It's because of concerns that a malfunctioning chip could spontaneously deploy the airbags. “About 270,000 Lexus sedans from the 2006-2012 model years are being recalled to check for a loose nut on the front wipers that could cause them to fail.” But Toyota has recently struggled to clean up its reputation. This is the third time in the last four months the auto giant has announced a recall. The company recalled nearly 7.5 million vehicles in October, due to a fire risk from a faulty power window switch.... And in November another recall. This time involving more than 2.75 million cars because of faulty hybrid and steering systems. And in December the Japanese automaker announced it would pay more than $1 billion in the U.S. to settle several lawsuits These other problems stem from the infamous sudden-acceleration claims. It prompted the recall of more than 10 million vehicles in 2009 and 2010. All in all it adds up to the fact that Toyota has led the U.S. in recalls for three of the last four years. But it’s not all a series of bad breaks for the company.... A writer for NBC News says Toyota was “handily outpacing the U.S. auto market’s overall 13.5% increase in 2012.” And even global car sales surged to 9.75 million last year, well ahead of second-place GM which sold 9.29 million vehicles. Toyota says it has received several cases of minor injuries due to the two recent errors, and owners of the cars in question will be contacted with details on how to get the needed repairs.

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Posted by: vecttra on Feb 15, 2013

Toyota announced its third recall in the last four months Wednesday. This recall is due to a faulty chip that could spontaneously deploy the airbags, and wipers that could malfunction.

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