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Candidate Free Air Time 2008: Joseph Morelle--Incumbent

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Hello. I'm State Assemblyman Joe Morelle. For nearly 18 years, I've had the privilege of representing you in the New York State legislature, serving as a voice for our region - speaking out on the issues that matter most to you. Jobs. Quality education for our children. Safe neighborhoods for our families. And health care for every citizen. But a lot more needs to be done. There is no doubt that in 2008 New York faces some of the greatest challenges in its history. The nation's financial crisis has been felt most acutely here in New York and it has presented state government with increasingly stark choices as we seek to balance the budget without raising taxes or cutting essential services. The current fiscal upheaval follows a prolonged period in which New York has experienced dramatic and painful demographic and economic changes. This is especially true for upstate, which continues to endure job and population losses as young families seek opportunities elsewhere. Reversing this trend has been my consistent focus since joining the legislature. I have authored billions of business tax incentives, fought to overhaul our costly and outdated workers' compensation system, and called for debt reform to ensure that today's spending does not burden tomorrow's taxpayers. I also issued a report calling for fundamental changes in economic development policies in order to encourage private sector innovation and entrepreneurship. And as chairman of the Assembly's Insurance Committee, I am committed to finding the best approach to making health care accessible for all New Yorkers, one that balances our fiscal realities with the need to provide hard working families with peace of mind in the face of rising medical costs. This too is key to our economic revival. Three generations of my family have been born and raised in upstate New York. Like you, I want the best for my children, and I want them to have the same opportunities I enjoyed. I still believe in that possibility and that today's struggles will lead to renewed prosperity for the next generation. I ask for your support, so that together we may reach that goal for our families and all New Yorkers. Thank You.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 27, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. Joseph Morelle is the Democrat running in the 132nd Assembly District.

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