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Mai&Franz's PreWed 11.11.2017 Video

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My name is Mai & I come from Vietnam I have been living and studying for 7 years in Germany. There, I worked during the last 2 years of my Bachelor Degree in Aachen and at that city I got to know and met with my husband Franz, he comes from the Netherlands. He lives quite near Aachen and the difference between our locations is 30 min going by bus or car. And today, we decided to go to VN to celebrate our wedding with families and friends in Vietnam. So, when was exactly the first day you met each other? The first date that we decided to meet up was 19.06.2015 ...if I remember it correctly :p 19.06.2015 was the very first date of us but before that, we’d been getting to know each other via sms had been chatting with each other for about 2-3 months before I decided that “Oh, this guy is quite nice and interesting and I wanna meet up to know him more in person and to talk with him face-to-face to see how exactly he is” And from his side, I think it was also the same Franz might also think that “Oh, Mai is an Asian girl that I think she is really interesting and kind and I also wanna meet her in person to know whether we could have a further step in forming a relationship between us for real” And so, 19.06.2015 was our very first date and it was taken place in Aachen. Franz drove to Aachen where I used to live, and our first date was at a Café there and we were chatting a lot. That day, we talked about so many things and the feeling was very good, cozy and very friendly. In general, the feeling was very natural between us, we were talking as known friends with each other already and we did not have to try to act or do anything to try to impress the other person as what it might supposed to be in a first date normally for many people, we were just still us. We talked about our life, work, about us, shared about our interests and that day was quite an unforgettable date for us. What is the most unforgettable moment in your love story by now? The most unforgettable thing during the time before we got married is …well, let me explain the story a bit. Franz is not a romantic guy in the type of being super romantic with buying roses, a big bouquet of 100 roses or playing a romantic compose with Guitar or such things for me, but he has his own way of being romantic with me. And one of those times that made me feel very touched and happy was the time that I told Franz about the dream watch of my teenager time. I was 13,14 yrs old back then and at that moment, I liked a Casio watch, the Baby-G model very much and I was quite tomboy in my style back then, so I liked that sporty watch style very very much. Moreover, it’s in orange color, so it was just totally my thing. Red or orange, I just love all of the hot, colorful and bright colors. So, I told Franz about that story, that when I was a teenager at the age of 13,14 I was very crazy about that watch, but it was so expensive at that time. It was like $50 or $65, I do not remember the exact number anymore but anyway, it was just really a big amount of money and I just dreamed that I would have it someday. It was just a story about my teenager time that I shared with Franz and I did not think that he would really kept that in mind for a long time. However, he did and, on my birthday, on 26.04.2016 he prepared surprisingly that gift for me and he could have tried to set-up a very romantic way of giving me that gift. It was just totally from his own in thinking that he would give me a bouquet of roses, or no exactly a bouquet of gerbera flowers, because I love gerberas and in the middle of that bouquet would be the watch and when he would give me that bouquet I would be surprised when receiving not just a bouquet of gerberas but also seeing the watch in the middle. Unfortunately, at the last minute that plan was failed because the watch that he had ordered did not come on time and so that super romantic plan was failed to come to light. When I received the watch (in the normal way when it arrived), Franz said that, the actual plan of giving it to me was way more romantic and surprising than just hand it in to me like this but it was failed by now. So, he gave me for my birthday my teenager dream G-shock watch that I somewhat actually did not think of getting for myself when I'm an adult anymore. When I received the watch in orange color and I was really touched at that moment. It was really an unspoken moment, I did not know what to say and I just really felt like he is really the man for me, the person that wants to complete my dream, every dream of mine…, and so, I think that that moment was very touching and it’s the most unforgettable moment in our love story by now… The most favorite food of your partner that you cooked. Any idea? Franz loves to eat so many kinds of food and he is quite picky as well as easy at the same time. Why picky? He is picky at the type of food that he would eat, he would not eat anything that is not organic. Regarding to meat sorts, fish, etc., they need to be organic, were made friendly with the environment as well as the conditions that the animals were in. For example, the animals were fed at natural farms and not from industrial farms that were treated super badly So, Franz does not eat those non-organic meats. Franz is not a vegetarian though, because he still loves to have meat for his nutrition input, but it would have to follow the mentioned standard. Second point, he does not like to eat pork. It does not derive from a religious reason or something, it is just the result that he concluded based on his own studies on nutrition, health (that is also a hobby of him beside being a psychologist). So, he had a conclusion that, pork does not bring any benefits for your health, it is not healthy for Franz to eat, especially. So, I respect it and ok fine, if so Franz will miss out many tasty foods, but it does not matter, just decide like that. Moreover, Franz likes Asian foods, he could also have fish sauce, but fish sauce needs to be served with “Nem” (Spring-rolls) and that correct combination, he loves the most, not that fish sauce for everything. :D So, to say, the most favorite dish of Franz is, it could have been fried “Nem” till he got to try bitter melon soup with meat-ball-fillings. It was really something that made he say “OMG, this taste is so delicate and very delicious” And normally in Vietnam, the bitter melon soup with meat-ball-fillings is cooked with minced pork but I do not make it with pork because Franz does not eat pork, so I make it with minced beef and chicken mixed together with some dry Chinese mushroom. I cook them all together and it has quite prominent taste of the bitter melon fruits that Franz likes very much. Besides, I’m quite gifted at cooking and really have the appetite so I have cooked quite many different Asian dishes for Franz and I see that, actually he kinda loves everything I cooked, he eats everything quite a lot! "I read him like a book" ;) It’s really true that "I read Franz like a book" :p or literally saying in Vietnam is “I walk with the flip flops in his stomach” Franz has just had said as well that, being suddenly exposed to the question he was just surprised and just thought “OMG, there are many dishes that I like” and when he overheard from what I have just talked about, that something sounds like “Nem” (he understands this Vietnamese word) “Yes, it seems like that, that Nem is my most favorite food, but it is not quite 100%...” and when I said that, it should be the “bitter melon soup” Exactly!!! Close your eyes and say something... I love you

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