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HoU 8 - Reptillians Conquered Heaven and wait for their Loyal Religious Followers

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Heaven's Process 8 - Anu's Continued Deception (Veno) This is Veno. ok. so Anu.. 'said', that he 'applied forgiveness' and this is the signature what it must look like and, saying to all the dimensional beings: Alright. you are all now placed in these Circular formation Cones. and this is your forgiveness process in other words how effective your forgiveness process is, in every..circular Ring! (top) you will advance, to the point (bottom) and that is 'you', through this forgiveness process. Now. what he did, was as a design of these circular cones, was, that he placed there.. a..dimensional.. (hesistate) dimensional hyp- hyp-notic, frequency..magnetic, 'design' So, what will happen is he trap all the being, not 'trap' ok? He locked in all the beings into these..'cone', formations that was called the 'forgivenss process', now literally all the dimensions. Every sing dimensional being, was placed on these cones. everyone started at the top. So there was about, ten thousand beings, around the top rings so he had many of those placement in this 'huge!' containment. and he stood there at the 'top', and looked at everyone. and, basically what this, hypnotic..dimensional, frequency, magnetic vibration did, was.. As the beings 'touched', the top circular formation, of the cones 'that was called forgiveness process' was that they were inserted, with a 'frequency implant' ok? was this it was a very very tiny, like atom molecularly small..'device'. Ok it was really, between my fingers there (squeeze!) microscopically (laugh) small, I can't even really do it, that is..even smaller than that. so it's really small. He placed it within them but even the smallest device can do the greatest harm. So what he did was he placed in, in these circular, round 'cones'. and placed and as they touched the, from the circular, rounded 'formation', it will spread into, each and every single dimensional being. So they had the center 'extra', device, within their mind.. well dimension don't have a 'mind' in the dimensions but I am saying 'their mind' So that, when, Anu..would say something, they do it without question. Ok so, he'd able to for instance 'speak words', but in the words there'd be a hidden message 'behind it'! and then, dimensional beings would actually, do what he's them they must do. but behind it he is programming them. He did that very well so it's like, he speak words but then, underneath the words "there'd be codes spoken". So there is codes would infiltrate into this 'hypnotic device' within the center of, the dimensional being's 'mind'. and, they will be hypnotized 'by Anu'. and basically do his bidding and calling, 'anything' he wanted them to do. to anyone else, the words, seemed..'ok, and Normal'. So he, 'always', took an opportunity to deceive- manipulate control empower himself 'in anyway whatsoever', so the forgiveness thing was just another way for him, to 'take his stand' and the dimensional beings 'apparently', went through their forgiveness process but they didn't really. At all. they applied 'forgiveness', but their starting point, was still 'fucked'. So, the dimensional beings did the forgiveness process, they don't understand 'what forgiveness they were doing'? why they were doing it? They didn't question it! they just did forgiveness. Because Anu said: 'That's the only way', they can get back to earth, and to human beings. and that's all they understood: Ok so let's just apply forgiveness, so we can get back to earth That's it! no purpose, meaning, reason 'for themselves' it was just to get back to earth, that's it! and so, the dimensional beings applied forgiveness now, in terms of Winged, went into the dimensions quite frequently, Anu had to do it this way - so that 'Winged' can come say to him, Eagle for instance: 'Listen..' Anu, is doing this in the dimensions, he's now put everyone in Rings of forgiveness, and know. He's applying forgiveness, he's now assisting and supporting, everything in process. So..even deceived Winged for awhile. Well he 'deceived' everyone, in the dimensional existence, up to 'a year' we were in contact with the dimensional existence, well Winged, and Eagle was in contact with the dimensional existence 'for a year' only Only after 'then', they both realized that - Anu was deceiving all along. and he'd deceived the dimensional existence so, for 'one year' (smile) It was..a literal fu-..'mess', a great huge problem! So we had to start 'all over again', after a year. 'everything' has to be started over again. The forgiveness, our processes 'everything'! and Anu was sorted out 'appropriately'. and we had to start over many many times, multiple times, Can't remem- I can't even remember how many times we had to start over because Being's starting point, of assisting and supporting human beings, as all as one as equal was not, as self of self. it mean 'one falls in the dimensions, everyone falls'. (sigh) yeah. (laugh) You can imagine, it's quite a, process. and the same will be on earth. So, during that year, in terms of Winged's experience in the dimensions and being here on earth is how we, how Winged and Eagle started discovering you know, the dimensions were in absolute separation, the white light was separation, the 'soul' construct was separation 'everything', supported enslavement but only, you know during that year, it was never linked to Anu. Only after a year went: Ha! Anu's behind everything! go figure. So, as Winged and Eagle both together started taking out 'systems', implants Started cleaning up heaven..etc. during that year. Anu tried everything in his might and power to, as he, every time he come through 'Winged', he, now trying to control the world and human beings, 'Everytime'! He come in and do 'something', to try to 'fuck up' with this process of 'we all stand as one as equal' because he 'wants' his power! he wants his control, and.. he knew he 'basically lost heaven' because Eagle, and Winged just did not stand for anything, and as we continue with this process, there are more more dimensional beings, staring to 'really stand up'! and understanding what has been accepted and allowed, within the dimensional existence. So he tried to, 'take over, and influence earth', again and human beings and fuck with them. So we do 'regular clean ups, always' of human beings to make sure that this 'No' dimensional being influencing. If there is that is, we find the beings, with them appropriately. and, then we have to start over again in the dimensions, because there was a slip up. (smile) Process is not simple. Thank you very much. this is Veno. 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