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NetApp Workflow Automation Introduction

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This video is a quick introduction to NetApp Workflow Automation. We'll cover what is Workflow Automation, why you should use it, and where to go for more information. Workflow Automation is NetApp's next generation storage automation offering. The main focus behind Workflow Automation is to make storage management both simple and easy. Workflow Automation is a flexible and extensible platform. Storage experts will leverage the pre-defined content to define the storage processes. They can also extend the capabilities by creating new components, or by importing content from places like the Workflow Automation Community site. Once satisfied with the storage process, the storage expert will publish the workflows and identify who is authorized to initiate them. Workflow automation is also a storage portal. Authorized users will log into Workflow Automation, be shown only the workflows they are able to initiate, and provide the user inputs as identified by the storage experts to kick off the process. With one click, the user will initiate the storage process as defined by the storage expert. Why use Workflow Automation? Workflow Automation can automate your Exact storage process. It can make intelligent decisions based on your installed base and selection criteria. It can enable self-service for your storage customers, while maintaining control over the storage resources, and your corporate standards. It can dramatically reduce human error, and increase resiliency in your environment. This will both improve your time to market and reduce your cost. Mainly Workflow Automation will simplify your storage management. Where to find out more? Contact your NetApp representative, or use your NOW account ID to log into the Workflow Automation community site. Go to We hope you found this helpful. Thank you.

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NetApp Workflow Automation (WFA) is the newest NetApp storage automation tool enabling the design and automated execution of administrative tasks such as storage capacity provisioning, setup, data migration, and system decommissioning.

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