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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 12/15

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That represents divine manifestation. So this is actually a futher message saying that this DNA energy is a divine manifestation. The definitive 2012 formation is right here, this showed up last year and what it does... It might have been this year, wasn't it? Man, it hasn't been that long. But I think it was year, I'm sorry. I've been using this ever since it showed up. Now, there is some interesting things going on here. We look at the sun, ok? Now, look at the diameter of the sun. We know that all these objects here represent the planets and there is a specific planetary alignment, well, it's actually december 21st, this man made a mistake but it's close enough, with two days off you can really make much of a difference in terms of any of these positions, but around December 21st 2012, Red Collie is the guy who did this, You see all the positions of the planets the same as what's in the crop formation. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are all in the same positions, Unarus, Neptune, Pluto. Pluto is not in the same position. Now, could it be that it would have broken the geometric harmony because it would have to be right about here. Now, I had a little tip from, let's say, a source, and this is a human source, it is somebody here, not any extraterrestrial, and he told me to pay attention to this. He says that also is part of the message even though it looks like it's just an irregularity in the ground. Why was it built so it's right there? Is there something that we might encountering in the future that is there in the Solar System? That's what we are being told. That's all I can say on that, but I want you to think about that. Well, look at what happens here. The sun, after a couple of days, is now widen to the orbit of Venus! Doesnt this suggest that something is gonna happen to the Solar System guess when? December 21ist 28. They gave you the planetary alignment and they give you whats going to happen. They show you the Sun, they show you the sun changing in a very, very, very, very dramatic way. This doesnt mean its going to kill us. The other things show that its an energetic change. And it would also appear that this indicates a sort of energetic influx and this indicates all the ET groups that are surrounding us at this time these are code cyphers for different planetary civilizations that are coming in. So this gets us into interplanetary climate change. And Im not going to spend a whole lotta time on this stuff cause there us so much of this data. But this is the smoking gun. When anybody tells you "oh, there is nothing thats changed" and "its all the same old stuff", thats not true. Its not true. First of all lets look at the activity of the sun. The highest that it has ever been in 8000 years. This is taken from Antartic and Artic ice core samples which have been correlated with three rings and all the stuff they use, eleven thousand years ago, the fall of Atlantis, look at how high it is. Its almost that high right now, its the highest it has been in 8000 years. The sun is now giving off storms that used to take two or more hours to get here, showers of protons, last year, last 2005. In 2005 one of the got here in 15 minutes, that means the energy in the Solar System is conducting those particles faster which means its charging up; if the energy is vibrating faster, the particles move faster, Its very simple. NASA is now warning of a "Space Katrina" in guess what year... 2012. Theyre saying that the Sun could have a massive radiation blast just like its possible that the crop circle was showing us here. Even army studies, mainstream goverment studies are saying that the Sun could be driving all the climate change on the Earth. Obviously we are seeing its in an alltime 8000 year high. The solar wind is slowing down that has still being happening, its very weak, and at the same time the sun`s bubble, the actual magnetic field of the Sun has gotten 25 per cent smaller, the most likely explanation for that is that the outside is pushing in on it. There is something pushing in on it making it smaller. Thats what would mostly likely be causing this. Which again suggests that we are moving into an area of the galaxy where there is a higher energetic charge. We have been in touch with insider witnesses, thanks to Project Camelot, and one of the things we heard is that we have this fleet of ships out there, outside the solar system and they have looked at this wave coming in. They know there is a wave, they know its coming in, and they are studying it and they see that its coming into the Solar System. So they ARE paying attention. But they are not going to tell us until the last minute. Which is, you know, just enough time for everyone to panic while they run away! But thats not what this is about. This is about genetic change, its about evolution... and its not a "doom and gloom" thing, even though Im showing you stuff that you could think about in a fearful way, all these messages, all these crop formations that they have build up 1200 years of credibility to show you genetic evolution, they are not showing you doom and gloom. What would be the point? If its an intelligent cosmos why would it create life on this beatiful planet just to belt it off in a big solar flare. Thats not what this is about. The galatic dust. There is more dust that came in between 2000 and 2001 300 percent more than all the 1990s combined. Thats another major study that was found. If you look at Mercury. Mercurys magnetosphere in 2008 was much more powerful than it was seen in the 70s with the Mariner attempt. And here is the actual mainstream publication where that came through. And now just recently, they go back a year later and they see even more stuff. They have found magnetic tornadoes, magnetic twisters and they said one of the biggest suprises was how strongly the dynamics of the planet´s magnetic field solar wind interaction had changed from the first Mercury fly by in January 2008. So what this is telling you is that mercury has change dramatically in its Magnetic field in ONE year. Thats it. Mercury is going nuts. Thats the first planet in the Solar System. Thats not the only planet thats doing this. Look At Venus. 2500 percent of increase in the green glow in less than 20 years looking like this right here. Thats totally amazing. Mars, you have the appearance of clouds, you see clouds here that werent there. Mars didnt use to have ozone clouds, they`ve only appeared in the last 30 years or so. Its another major change. Mainstream media has reported on a global warming on Mars. Guess what, nobody is driving SUV`s on Mars. At least if they are there is problably a lot lessive than they are on earth and they probably run on free energy. Based on what our whistleblower is telling us. But there is melting... something is melting the ice caps on Mars. Jupiter has this plasma torus that you couldnt see before 1974 and yet now it looks like this, as time goes on, the density of this torus as you see here is getting 200 per cent thicker, this is the natural saucering movement that it makes as the moon Io is going around its orbit. Well they get so bored "Uh huh, stronger than expected" 200 per cent increase in the whole density of this thing, in basically 25 years, 15 years, very very short time. 15 years, every single particle inside this thing is 15 per cent denser; they say "Well, it excedeed and excedeed expectations, Ok. No biggie. Jupiter`s white ovals dissapeared in three years. There is three of´em up here, and there you see there is two and now there is one. Doctor Philiph Marcus believed this would cause an 18 degree global warming on Jupiter in only a decade. Well, guess what, its a decade later, and now Jupiter is having raging heat thunder storms that they`re calling "global upheaval" just what he predicted would happen. These infrared heat signatures that were not there before, much higher intensity. Now you camera guys, can you shoot either one of these cause Im just realizing that over here we have a light on that slide and over here we dont have any light so thats a better one for me to be using my pointer on. I think I am going to switch on over this one now. Oh! Somebody throw stones at the idiot here. Alright, nevermind, lets keep going. The storms appear during a dramatic planet wide disturbance is ongoing on Jupiter. Its yet to be explained by the change of color in its stripes. These storms are probably tied in with the global upheaval. Io`s ionosphere, the moon that we were showing you before... 1000 percent higher, that`s all of the charged particles which are coming from the Sun. (Snoring) "Uhmm, its unexpected." This is ridiculous, this is our entire backyard I`ve shown you every planet: Mercury is having magnetic tornadoes, Mercury is having so much change that in one year its going nuts; Venus is having a 2500 per cent inclease in its green glow; Mars is having global warming and ozone in the atmosphere and clouds that werent there before; Now you are going out to Jupiter...

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