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How to model breaker panels

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How to model breaker panels. This is a modular breaker panel. Top four positions are occupied with breaker modules and the rest are available. In this video: Modular breakers, panel capacity and generic panels. I start with taking pictures of my breaker panels. Back at my desk. It is important to add breaker modules from Genome Library to local genomes. This 3-phase breaker module takes single position. This breaker module takes two positions. In genomes this is shown as a module size. Let's add modular breaker panel. Modular panels require minimum configuration. Now I specify breakers for each position. I can refer to my pictures, to map out breakers connections. We have added breaker modules to genome. Power panel have limited number of positions, limited number of phase connections, and limited power rating. We can track all this information. This 3x1P module have three consumers, each taking a single phase. It occupies a single position. Here is module occupying two positions. Notice how next position became blocked. This is three phase breaker module. Only one consumer, with three phases, could be selected for this module. I have device associated for this PDU and measured data is already available for each position. We examined capacity of breaker panels. This is a generic breaker panel. Breakers are distributed on two rails. We can model this type of panels as well. If you have upgraded your installation, you will have placeholder panels. I will re-organize a placeholder panel, to match physical breaker locations. I have created the new panel. Now I'm moving breakers to match their locations. Notice that only breakers with matching phase are selectable. You can disable this check here. There is one more breaker in this panel. The three phase breaker on right rail. I can model this breaker too. I have completed configuration of generic panel. We have added generic power panel. Modeling breakers enables: impact analysis at a breaker level. I can see, which breaker would experience increased load. Breaker panel schedule could be exported and printed out. Colocators even get to see customers for each breaker.

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How to model various types of breaker panels in StruxureWare Data Center Operation v7.4

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