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Good morning I am a participant of a project of Plan Cameroon Our goal is to See water supply point Where populations of Mva`a go and fetch water Let`s follow The origin of this well is as follow There was a man here called Zoro He dug the well and near was a tree There were water, the soil and the tree The well was destroyed when the tree collapsed It is about ten years ago That nobody fetched water here Later on papa Onadjigui rebuilt the well As it is now During the dry season, the well dries up If you carry water from here to drink, you will notice the water smells Despite that, people come from a distance to fetch water from here We do not have drinking water here, not even drilling water-wells There was a time we abandoned that well Because there was a drilling water-well over there We thought we will have water, drinking water from it After sometimes, we discover that Water we carried from there was not potable As we believed People who drink water from there complain from time to time about Waterborne diseases And we do not understand why water has colours At times it looks yellow, at times it is black I do not understand this phenomenon We are standing near a drilling water-well We will make you discover They just built it We are happy about the fact that We have two drilling water-wells where we can fetch drinking water from As early as you carry water from here After two hours Euhhh there is a dark layer which is like rust That appears on the surface of water And water becomes insipid, therefore, you can no longer drink it From that time, water is used For washing and laundering.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: Cameroon
Language: French (France)
Producer: Plan YETAM Cameroon
Director: Cameroon Youth
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Posted by: lraftree on Aug 24, 2009

This film shows the various water supply points from which water can be drawn in Mva’a. The interviewees talk about a water source that undergoes seasonal depletion and they also emphasize on the quality of water they carry from the various wells.

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